5. Chapter 5

Courtney dropped me off 30 minutes later at the hospital and I decided to call my mom. I can't imagine her face. I was about to press call when I noticed four new contacts...





How did these even. They must have done it when I had passed out... Well this night just keeps getting better isn't it? I pressed on the call button on my moms contact and it rang 2 times before she answered.

M: Hey Scar! How was the concert?

S: about that...

It took me 20 minutes of explaining it to her and many weird stares from people walking throughout the hospital till my mom got what I was going through and said she was heading here now. I hung up the phone and waited to enter till my mom was here. For some reason I felt safer around her and I guess that's how I've been since the incident. I rarely talk to anyone now. Except for Courtney of course. Also a few friends I lost touch of. My moms car pulled up with Courtney in the passenger. They walked up and helped me into the hospital. Soon I was in my own room and there was a picture of my foot standing a few feet away from my bed.

"Doesn't look too serious. Just some corruption at the end of her heal." (I haven't broken anything so I have no idea how this even works) The doctor said in a stern voice and looked at me.

"She will need to wear a brace for a few weeks then, she should be fine." He said and scribbled some things on a notepad before going to the counter and grabbing something.

"We are going to put the brace on you tonight, so we can get everything done by the end of today." Was the last thing he said before holding up something that scared me to death. You know those things that they put over your head and you kinda just... pass out. I calmed down a bit before it was slipped over my mouth and this awful smell erupted through the tube. My eyes started to get heavy until I could barely hold them open anymore. The last thing I thought of before slipping into darkness was Ashton Irwin.


@Next Morning@

The hospital was cold and boring. Also it brought back terrible memories. Why did I have to get trampled by one of the hottest guys on the planet? Wait wait, shouldn't that be a good thing Scar? I can't think straight ugh. I heard Aussie accents in the background.

"I call signing her cast first!!"

"Fuck off Michael she's mine!"

"Mates calm down we will all be able to sign her cast soon!"

I opened one of my eyes to see Calum signing this blue thing that was on my foot. His tongue was sticking out like he was trying to sign it perfectly. He finished and handed it to Mike before he began signing.

"Hey girly." I heard someone say and I looked to my left to see Courtney stretching up from her chair. Aww... She stayed the net night for me.

"She's awake!" I heard Luke say and they all got up tripping a few times.

"Hey Scarlett! We wanted to see how you were doing. So we called your phone and Courtney answered and told us you were getting your foot fixed." Mike exclaimed and gave me a hug.

"Thanks guys! I'm fine by the way." I told them and smiled.

"We have to go, but promise you'll text me later?" Ash said. My smile got wider and I shook my head yes sat them all. They left and I guess they were headed out to their second gig in Florida. I think they had 4 in all.

"Oh your awake!" My mom said walking in with a coffee from Starbucks. Ah food sounds good about now.

"When can we leave?" I asked. I hated it already in here.

"Actually now! I need to get to work but Courtney has some clothes for you. Bye love you!" She said and walked out. This is how it basically always was. She always had to work to keep our house. Also to feed me. Courtney handed me an Aeropostale shirt with some bleached shorts. Also my fave pair of converse (I'm obsessed with converse). I went in the bathroom to find I looked absolutely terrible. My hair was knotted up and I had makeup everywhere on my face. As in black smudges everywhere.

I walked out after changing, reapplying makeup and combing through my long hair. Courtney was already waiting and I looked over to see crutches.

"No no no no." I said and shook my head several times. No one is getting me on those.

"C'mon Scar! We need you to use them or you'll never heal!" Courtney said and looked over at me with pleading eyes.

I really do hate this girl.

"Fine but you are buying me a pizza when we get to my place!" I said and took the crutches. This was already uncomfortable. Using them I made it out of the room, into the lobby and soon into the car. I sat down and we started driving.

@14 minutes and 12 seconds later@

We finally arrived at my house and I unlocked the door. Good to be home!

"So you call the pizza man, I'm going to charge my phone." I told Courtney and went to my room. Slowly but I got there. I plugged in my phone and waited a minute before it turned on and soon my twitter started exploding. Ugh what now?

@Ashton5SOS, @Luke5SOS and @Calum5SOS are now following you.

@Ashton5SOS replayed to your tweet, @errmhemmings beautiful! :)

@Michael5SOS has sent you a message.

@Luke5SOS Retweeted your tweet, Outfits for tonight! So excited!

@Calum5SOS has sent you a message

I screamed. So loud I think the hold neighborhood could hear me. I know I just met them yesterday and everything that has happened but I think everything just caught up. I felt like I had just died and come back to life. I checked my messages where most people were asking me to dm them to one of the guys and looked for Michael and Calum's message.

Michael Clifford: How come your name isn't @errmclifford huh? x

Calum Hood: Missing our little Scar already.

I quickly responded to both by saying to Michael it was already taken and to Cal I miss them to. I ran down stairs and fangirled with Courtney till the pizza man came and we finally had food!! We sat down and started watching old videos of 5Sos and Courtney every 5 minutes would shout that she just inked. Why am I even friends with this girl?

I opened my phone and decided to text Ash. Even though he could be on stage.

S: Hey Ash! xX

A: Hey Scarlett! I was just thinking about ya!

S: I can see you lying through that screen. ;)

A: Oh really?

S: Yeah really! :D so what are you doing?

A: I'm in the car! I actually have something I want to ask you.


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