4. Chapter 4

"What the hell happened?!" Courtney whispered in a worried and surprised voice. I looked at her. I just then realized how much I put her through. She had to sit all alone through the concert probably freaking out half the time. Who knows if she actually enjoyed it.

"It's a crazy story... Can I just tell you later?" I mumbled. Her blue orbs scanned over mine for a quick second. She looked over at the guys and back at me and nodded.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to see the dimples I have grown to love. The other guys were next to him too now and they looked over at Courtney.

"Hey! What is a beautiful girl like you doing at a suckish concert like this?" Michael asked Courtney and gave her a tight squeeze. Her eyes widened.

"Y- you don't mean that." She said and smiled while looking down. Her ovaries were probably exploding at this very moment. The rest of them started hugging her and talking. Calum even signed her forehead. They told a few jokes and now practically were best friends. Too bad we were only fans and this night had to end. We would probably never get this chance again.

I sighed and looked up sadly at Ashton. He was having so much fun talking with Luke. I think we should go...

"Courtney I think we should head home." I told her and she looked at me with a sad expression. We already wasted a lot of their time.

"Sorry guys. My mom will probably send out a search party if we don't start heading out." I said to the guys who were now talking about some cartoon they saw this morning. They looked at me with pleading eyes. They wanted us to stay?

"Oh ok. Maybe we will see you around?" Luke said. Putting an obviously forcing a smile on his face.

"Yeah.." I whispered. They knew they weren't going to see us again. I felt someone pick me up again and I didn't have to look to know it was Ash. His fingers wrap around my whole leg.

"I'll go get the car then?" Courtney said and I nodded tossing her my keys. Ash walked out of the building and we had a little chat about the band and about my favorite song, things like that. He stopped before we got passed the gate and set me down on a bench.

"Hey Scarlett?" Ash asked sitting down next to me and looked into my eyes.

"Yeah Ash?" I said while looking around avoiding his eye contact. I was really shy, and rarely looked anyone in the eye when I talked. I know it's rude but I literally can't help it.

"I want you to know that you are beautiful. Tonight, even though you were unconscious for half of it, was the best concert I think I have ever preformed at. Thank you..." Ash said, got up and turned around. He started back and toward the building. Before he entered, he looked back and said something that made my heart stop.

"Your sleeves came up when I was carrying you love. Please stop. You are amazingly beautiful, me and the boys love you..." And with that he walked into the building. Silence was all I heard after that. You could probably hear a birds chirp from 10 miles away.

The car pulled up after 2 minutes of me sitting there looking off into space. Courtney helped me up and into the car. The car ride was silent until I bursted out into tears.

"Scar!! What's wrong?" She asked and I just kept crying into my hands.

"He knows! They probably all know!" I screamed out into my hands.

"Know what Scarlett your starting to freak me out!" She said in a concerned motherly way.

"I told you last year! Who would want to talk to someone who hurts themselves. I stopped right when I told you but the scars won't go away!" I sobbed and put my head against the window.

The car was silent again for another 5 minutes and I look up at Courtney to see she had tears in her eyes. I reached over to turn on the music and What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction came blasting through the car. I felt a hand move onto my shoulder.

"It's not bad they know Scar. All they know is that you've probably been through a lot. You've taken over the battlefield and fought till you couldn't anymore. They won't judge you by that. If they do then I'm going to punch each one of them." She said and focused on her driving.

"Even Michael?" I whispered in a hushed voice. I whipped my eyes.

"For you Scar, even Michael."

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