3. Chapter 3

I dropped my phone on the ground and put my hand over my mouth. I stifled a scream and my head was pounding. How could two of the guys notice me in one day? They couldn't have just noticed me out of millions of fans. Maybe it was fate. They could've just looked through their notifications right as I tweeted? I don't know but all I know is that today has been crazy.

"Earth to Scarlett!!" Courtney said to me, waving her soft hand in front of my face.

"But but but... Michael tweeted and followed me!" I screamed and started running around my room, jumping up when there was an object in my way.

"I know and you'll DM him later for me but we have to go! You spaced out for a good 5 minutes!" I looked up at the time to find it was around 5:30.

My eyes went wide and I ran over to where my purse was and grabbed my phone. We both ran out the door into my old car and started rushing since the place was 20 minutes away and we would only have 5 mins to get our seats.

While driving I sent a tweet of our outfits, not to someone in particular and shut my phone off. I looked over at Courtney to see her hands shaking and that's when I noticed how excited we both were. I looked down and noticed that my petite hands were too shaking on the wheel and in my lap. I heard a phone unlock and then a video start to play. I quickly glanced at my friends phone to see a video of guess who? My idols.

Host: Who would be the person out of the band to date a fan?

The boys look at each other before holding up all of their faces on a sign.

Michael: I think we would all date a fan. I mean they're just normal people right?

I smiled and kept driving. I looked down int my lap again to see my hand wasn't shaking anymore and a few strands of hair fell in front of my face soon enough we pulled up into the place where the concert was being held. I opened the door and got out quickly. The sun was setting and everything felt so right in the world. Courtney and I kept walking till we caught up to where we gave the ticket taker our tickets and finally got into where the concert was being held. I looked down at my watch and realized we got there a little early and it was actually 10 minutes till the concert started.

"Frick!" I said out loud.

"What's wrong Scar?" She laughed and then realized when I started doing the pee dance.

"Go to the bathroom then!! I'll find our seats." She said while coughing because of laughing too hard.

I quickly nodded and then started my way to the restroom. Where was it?? I turned the corner a few times and went down a corridor. I was officially lost. Great. From a distance I could see the restroom sign and I started walking quickly over to it not wasting any time. Then I heard this really strange noise.


My instincts told me the thing that made the noise was chasing me so I ran. I could see the bathroom right ahead and finally I was about to reach the door.

"Luke no!!" I heard and suddenly a body was collided with mine and I hit the ground. And may I say hard.

"What the fuck Luke!" I heard someone scream. My vision was blurry and I couldn't move. My body was numb. My eyes wouldn't open either. It was like I was awake but not.

"Oh my god. What did I just do?" I heard an Australian accent say right next to me. I felt the body start to get up and then stop.

"Is she dead?!!!?" The person said in a frightened tone and got up quickly.

"Luke really? I think she passed out from the impact." A new and lower Australian accent said.

"Michael! What are we going to do? Our manager will kill us if they find out what we did and we go on stage in 6 minutes!" One of them said in a hushed voice.

"Take her with us then!" Wait! I know that voice from anywhere!

Ashton Irwin

"He has a point." Michael agreed to Ashton and I felt someone start to walk over to me.

"Fine mate then your carrying her." Luke grumbled.

I felt myself being picked up bridal style and the person started walking. I started to get drowsy and the last thing I heard before passing out was "I think she is beautiful."

~Later mwehehehe~


My eyes. They feel so freaking heavy... I stayed there for a bit until I realized that this wasn't my home. Where was I? My eyes shot open quickly. I was on a leather couch. Ah my head. What happened. When my ears started to focus I heard voices and music in the background. When I could finally hear everything the tune of my favorite song was playing. Beside you. I got up and ignored the pain my ankle brought when I stood up. It was like I was drawn to the music and I kept walking to the sound. Soon the side of a stage came into view and I stood there in awe. Was this a concert?

That's when it all hit me. The tweets and Courtney. My crazy trip to the restroom and passing out.

"Thanks Miami and goodbye!" I heard a loud voice say and scream everywhere. I looked up and then someone with blonde hair came into view. Their back was to me and they were talking to 3 other people. And then, as if this day couldn't get any worse or any more embarrassing, someone bumped into me again. Was I not noticeable or something?

I fell to the ground and this time my ankle bent back and I heard a crack. My eyes started to tear up as I looked at my ankle and then up.

"Oh shit." Luke said while bending down quickly next to me. The other guys did the same.

"Hey your the one I hit earlier I am so sorry!" That's when he looked at my face and saw the tears running down.

"What's wrong love?" Ash said and I pointed to my ankle that was now twisted and gross looking.

All their eyes went wide and they looked at each other before freaking out. You are probably wondering. Scarlett your idols are standing in front of you and you can't even say a word and your not fangirling. Let's just say at this moment my head was throbbing and it was a little blurry. My foot hurt like hell also.

"We should probably call an ambulance! Or maybe the police what are we going to do." Michael said as he started to pull out his phone.

"N-, no" My voice came out weak and their heads snapped towards my direction.

"But love your foot is broken." Luke said, they all looked pretty stressed out. Also really hot, their shirts were sticking to their abs and their hair was sleeked bac- what am I even thinking at a time like this.

"It's ok trust me. I'll just wait till my friend comes backstage and she can take me." I whispered and looked down. I must look really bad right now. My makeup smeared and my hair messy.

"Ok but let me at least carry you till she gets here. Can I have your name?" Ash questioned giving me a concerned look.

"It's Scarlett and I don't know... I think I've done enough here." I said and looked down again in shame this time my hair falling down in front of my face. A finger was set underneath my chin and I looked up meeting a pair of green eyes.

"It's the least I can do. Come on get on my back." Ash turned around and bent down signaling to actually hop on his back. I skeptically jumped and put my arms around his neck. He started to run around and the boys chased after us and it seemed like one big game to them. Soon enough we were near the place backstage at some kind of meet and greet and I saw so many girls. They looked over as soon as they ran in and screamed at the top of their lungs. Most gave me death glares and in the very back I could see Courtney starring at me with wide, concerned eyes. She can always tell when I'm in pain or happy.

Ash sat me down in a chair behind him and the signings started. I sat there and when it finally hit me it hit me hard. I was sitting here. Next to Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, my idols. My eyes went wide and I looked at Ashton's back while his arms moved signing away and laughing at some of the girls jokes. I found it surreal and crazy. I looked through the crowd where most girls were giving me glares and some were just drooling over the guys. I found Courtney and our eyes locked. I needed her now. She gave me a 'you are going to explain everything soon' look and looked away. I reached in my pocket to text her but noticed my phone wasn't in my pocket. I never go anywhere without my phone so this scared me.

Scanning my eyes over the guys I noticed a sky blue case in the back of Michaels pocket. My phone... I reached my hand over to take it and I succeeded. Wait I just touched Michaels butt ;). I looked at my phone and my eyes went wide. It was cracked. Not cracked, shattered!! Michael noticed me and sat up.

"I am so sorry Scarlett. I found it on the ground when Ash picked you up." Michael sighed and sat back down continuing to sign things looking over a few times.

I just slowly nodded and looked down at my phone again. 1 year of savings wasted. Soon enough most people were gone and only Courtney was left. I got up and started to walk over till I fell but before I could hit the ground someone was there to catch me. I looked up and saw Calum. His arm was around my waist and I blushed deep red. Why was this happening? I'm usually never like this. Yeah I was fragile looking and I wasn't strong but this never happens to me. Calum then picked me up and took me over to where Courtney was standing. He set me down gently and smiled before walking back to the other boys who were watching us for some odd reason.

Courtney bent down and whispered, "What the hell is going on?"

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