2. Chapter 2

I walked into home room feeling a bit weird. I had a strange feeling about tonight and I don't exactly know why. I looked over at Courtney who had just sat in our usual spots, all the way in the back, and gave her a big smile. I remember the day we met. About 4 years ago.

-Flashback 7th Grade-

My third day of 7th grade... I hate Middle school but hey, what am I going to do about it? I walked to my locker after getting out of the bus. Putting in my combo I heard an extremely loud noise behind me.

"OMG I can't believe the Jonas Brothers are coming to Miami AHHH." I looked over to where the sound was coming from to find a girl about my height, a little taller. She had blonde wavy hair that went a little past her chest. She also had glasses.

I am a huge Jonas Brothers fan. I keep it inside though. Kinda my inner fangirl life. I looked back over to find a girl with her this time. She had short brown hair, also wavy, and she was very tall.

"I know right! I also can't believe you got tickets!!" Said the girl with the brown hair.

"Joe is just so cute ahh!!" Said the blonde girl. I think that I've had enough of just listening, so I walked over there to introduce myself. I started walking over to them when this rude guy decided to push me. I fell on the ground and all my stuff went flying everywhere. Oh great... This is so embarrassing...

I felt someone start to help me up and I pushed the hair out of my face. I look up to see the blonde haired girl helping me up. The brown haired girl also picked up my things and held them out for me when I got up.

"Are you ok?" The blonde asked, looking worried.

"Yeah I'm fine..." I whispered, I didn't really want to talk to anyone.

After a bit of standing there it got kind of awkward and I think the other two got the memo.

"Anyway... I'm Courtney!! This is my friend Gabby!" Courtney said as she pointed to who I guess is Gabby.

"Uh hi! I am Scarlett!!" I said as I smiled to the people who I'd just met. They seemed nice!

"This might determine if we are friends or not, but do you like the Jonas brothers?" Courtney asked looking me straight in the eyes. Wait was she serious?

"I love them. My favorite is Joe." I answered honestly. She squealed and hugged me, and may I say VERY tight. I couldn't breathe.

Well looks like I have two new friends!! Ahh I am so happy! They likes the Jonas Brothers to!!

-End of Flashback-

It's funny to think about that. Today me and Courtney hate the Jonas Brothers. We are more into Marianas Trench, One Direction and of course, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Also Courtney wears contacts. I don't know why though... She looks so perfect (hehe) with them or without them.

I hadn't realized how much I dazed off till I heard the teacher walk in and ask me to sit down. So I did and walked over to sit next to Courtney. She gave me a questioned look but I just smiled in return and sat down next to her in the back. If you are wondering about Gabby, well she moved. We were all best friends till the end of 8th grade. Those days were fun.

-After School-

I headed home in my old car. I told Courtney I would meet her at 4 so we could go shopping. Which is in 2 hours. Me and Courtney are then going to go to her house so we can get ready and I expect we will have 3 hours, which is good. I checked my phone to see I have a text from my mom. Silently laughing at the name I put for her.

M Dawg: going to be late tonight. Have fun at the 5 Sauce concert! Haha look I know their name!!

I decided not to reply. Well at least she tried.

A little bit later I went downstairs and grabbed apple, not a real apple though, the ones that are suckers with the Caramel around it. Pssh you thought I ate healthy? No no

I took out my phone and logged onto twitter. Ooh look, Michael just tweeted!

@Michael5SOS: Guyyyys the show tonight in Miami is going to be the shiznet!

I laughed a little and replied:

@errmhemmings: @Michael5SOS Haha well see you tonight!! Also we can mingle backstage if ya know what I mean. ;)

I put my phone up thinking of how Ash tweeted me this morning on the band account. Ahh I love life. I got in the shower and got ready for my 1 hour shopping spree with Courtney. I don't even know how she gets the money...

-At The Shopping Mall-

We had been walking around for 45 minutes and I finally got my outfit picked out. Since we had 15 minutes left till we had to get ready, me and Courtney went to Starbucks. I just decided on water. I'm not feeling like anything else right now.

We headed for Courtney's house to start getting ready. My hair had been in a messy bun on my head ever since I left to go shopping. So I took it down and Courtney started curling my hair. It took 15 minutes and I have to admit... Courtney is a bad arse hair curler!!

"Do you like it?" She asked giving me a worried look. She thought I wouldn't like it? I think she needs a slap on the face because this is perfect.

"Ahh I love it! Thanks Courtney!!" I screamed hugging her. Now it's time for my outfit. I went in the bathroom and started to get dressed. Ok so here is my outfit. I am wearing a black and white 5SOS tank top with black shorts that are frayed at the bottom. My hair was curled and I have a black and white bandana in place of a headband. With that I put my converse on and put on light makeup, I don't really think girls should cake their face. In my eyes, everyone is beautiful, some on the inside more than others. Then Wala! I was ready.

I looked over at Courtney and almost stopped breathing.

"Courtney what the FRICK!!" I yelled at her and she gave me a startled look. Her blonde hair was straight and went down to her waist perfectly. She was wearing a black dress that went just above her knees. She also wore a white leather jacket that was short and complemented her dress. She was wearing her black and white converse and had dark eyeshadow on with her lips lightly covered in pink lip gloss. Lastly she added a white bow at the top. I swear, this night was going to be exciting.

"Is it that bad??" Courtney asked walking quickly over to the mirror so that she could examine her outfit.

"You look perfect! I'm going to have to stay next to you so all the guys can't hit up my girl!!" I squealed and she laughed.

"The only guy I want is Michael..." She said with a small sad smile. She knew that she might never get the chance to even talk to him. But she will tonight.

"I have to go get my purse and I'll grab your phone. Sit tight and don't touch those mother f'n curls!!"(Irl Courtney requested this line) She yelled at me.

"Haha ok!" I said as I laughed to myself.

Courtney walked out of the room to get the tickets, her purse and my phone. I looked in the mirror and examined myself one last time.

"Scarlett... You're never going to believe this!!" I heard Courtney scream. I looked over at her as she ran into the room with my phone in her hands. She lifted up the screen right in my face so I could see it.

@Michael5SOS started following you!

@Michael5SOS: @errmhemmings I would love to mingle!! See you at the concert!!

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