To Die For

My mother once said. Don't let love take over your life. But she was all about the education. Don't get me started on my father; the drug addict. What a life huh? I know I should save the lesson learned from the end but, who knows if I'm gonna ever finish this book or if you even bother to read it. Love what you have now before it disappears, and respect what you know will be with you forever because some people won't ever have it. Sadly, I learned all those things the hard way.
(nash grier fanfic)


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I went to the forest. It's my life now. Almost. I wanted to know Nash's secret. I went to Nash's room.

"Tell me your secret now, bitch." I demanded.

"Why would I do that?" He asked.

"Because, I'll walk outside, and take off my necklace."

He got up from his bed. He was shirtless in his boxers. He leaned in close to me.

"Do it. I dare you to."

I walked outside, I took my necklace, the lock part, I studied the people for a minute. I knew they weren't right, but did I have to do this just to make him spit? What if they.. kill me? And I'll never know anything?

"What are you doing here?"

I turned around, it was Veronica.

"Nash won't tell me what's going on, tell me, please."

"Fine.. Look, we're all, not natural, we're just--"

Nash ran outside in his bare body and boxers and pressed himself behind Veronica and covered her mouth.

"Don't you dare." He said. She struggled for a bit and turned around. She smiled at Nash. Then leaned into him. They were .. kissing. Making out, they kissed, trying to find their way into Nash's room.


I looked down. Then turned around. Cam.

"Hey." I replied.

"How about Nash?" He asked.

"What about him?" I fake laughed.

"Nothing." He scratched the back of his head. I pushed him out of the way and walked home. I was a bit hurt that they would do that in front of me.

I took off the necklace Nash gave me. He was only protecting himself anyways... I curled my hair and put on a dark blue strapless dress with naked pumps.

I went to Kaden's house. He opened the door.

"Hey who are you?"

"Hi I'm Brianna."

"So you wanna come in or what do you need?"

"Yes I wanna come in."

"Okay then."

"SOO." He said. It was quiet. He puts his hands on my thighs."You're really hot."


He leaned in and kissed me. His moves were fast.

"Wait stop." I said."Where's your bathroom?"

"Down the hall on the left." He said. I went into the bathroom and pulled down my dress (down to my waist). I pushed up my bra. I think Kaden was squeezing it and it slipped down.

"Where's your necklace?" Nash demanded.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in?" I asked. I quickly pushed up my bra but it kept slipping down a bit and made me look like a slut. He walked up closer.

"Here, place it where you want it and I'll strap it again for you."

I did what he told me to.

"Thanks." I said.

"Now where's your god damn necklace?"

"I threw it somewhere in my room."

"You shouldn't have done that."

He walked out the door and disappeared. I saw Kaden on the coach texting someone.

"Hey." He said.

"I can't do this, it was a dare I'm sorry." I lied and walked out the door.

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