To Die For

My mother once said. Don't let love take over your life. But she was all about the education. Don't get me started on my father; the drug addict. What a life huh? I know I should save the lesson learned from the end but, who knows if I'm gonna ever finish this book or if you even bother to read it. Love what you have now before it disappears, and respect what you know will be with you forever because some people won't ever have it. Sadly, I learned all those things the hard way.
(nash grier fanfic)


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I didn't wanna go to the forest today, not if secrets were being held. But I didn't wanna do anything really.

It has been days since I visited the forest. Still nothing. I decided not to wait anymore, but to go. I walked in but there was no sign of anyone. I looked up. It was Nash's cave house. I headed toward there. I climbed up the rocks.

"What are you doing?"

I screamed.


"You seriously have done that like so many times, at least tell me before you scare me!"

"Either way I would scare you."


"Why didn't you visit me?"

"You think I have time to?" He snapped. I was a bit hurt by his words.

"Okay." I jumped off the rocks and walked off.

I ran home. I got up to my room and I saw Nash on my bed.

"I didn't mean it in that way."

"I know." I replied.

"What happened to the fearless one?" He asked.

"Of me?"

"Who else?"

"The one that would kick me in the balls."

"Uh huh."

"Where's she?"

"You actually want me to take out my anger?"

"I don't know." He smiled.

"Like this?"

I punched him in the face.


"Alright." He rubbed the pain.

"You feeling better?" Nash asked.

"Yes." I smiled.

It got quiet for awhile.


I didn't ask where to. I didn't care. I trusted him.

It was to his cave. This time, I saw strange people in there, they scared me.

"Hold my hand." He whispered. I held them, tight. I didn't wanna look at the people, I wanted to look brave.. and forward.

When we got into his room, I tried to let go of his hand, but he grabbed it again.

"What are you doing?" He asked me.

"Well, it's over."

"Nothing's over."

"We're in your room now, Nash." I explained.


I looked at Nash, we studied each other, he leaned into me, I held him back.

"Stop." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Nash, I can't do this. You're.."


"You're hiding secrets from me." I said.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Of course. Just, I don't want secrets."

"Right." He said.

"I .. I should go."

I opened the door.

"Wait." He said.

"Yeah?" I turned around.



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