To Die For

My mother once said. Don't let love take over your life. But she was all about the education. Don't get me started on my father; the drug addict. What a life huh? I know I should save the lesson learned from the end but, who knows if I'm gonna ever finish this book or if you even bother to read it. Love what you have now before it disappears, and respect what you know will be with you forever because some people won't ever have it. Sadly, I learned all those things the hard way.
(nash grier fanfic)


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

It was true, I wanted to cry, it was true. I felt like pouring, I hated everything. Kaden, Veronica, Cam, Nash... puppies.. I hate everything. And life and parents! I hate them! If they just paid more attention to me, none of this bullshit would've happened. Why. Why. Why. Why was I crying? I don't know. Why did Nash want me to wear this stupid necklace! It's stupid! He only wants to protect himself, huh? Then why does he wanna be attached to me!! I laid down on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up with the thought of sadness and loneliness. The same feeling. I decided to let my hair down today and curl it. Yeah, last time I just braided it with Kaden. I didn't have a curler in the house so I decided to take a shower and braid it then blow dried it..

I put on my spring dress and walked into the forest. I couldn't find anyone. I decided just to turn around instead. Then I bumped into Nash.

"Hi." I said.

"Uh hey?"

"It's me, Brianna."

"Casper." He frowned.

"Um, no it's not?"

"Look, you need to stop it, I've already got it all under control, I think her necklace is starting to glow."

"What the .. fuck?" I was so confused.

"Aye." He said."You're really Blondie aren't you?"

"Um yes I am! And why don't you keep your stupid necklace?"

"Look, DONT. It's not that."

"Then what is it?"

"I was talking about ANOTHER girl." Nash said.

"Okay first of all, you give necklaces to EVERY girl? Second of all, what do you mean it's starting to glow, third of all, WHO IS CASPER?" I shouted.

"I'm Casper."

I turned around. Nash pulled me back to look at him.

"Nope he's lying, look at me." He smiled frightendly.

"You have too much lies." I turned halfway and he pulled me again."STOP IT!" I punched him in the face. I turned around. The guy named Casper, was all red eyes, his lips were pierced with blood. He was as pale as a page. A white page. He wasn't staring at me. More like my necklace. Which made me wanna look down. It was slightly glowing.

"I see it's glowing." Casper said.. only looking at my necklace.

"So what?" I asked.

"It hasn't worked yet." Casper said again.

"No shit." Nash replied.

"Then GO FASTER!" Casper screamed. There was a person walking to him. It was the familiar shadow I saw at school, I know it. It was a girl. More like an assistant. Obviously there was no way this guy had a girlfriend or wife.

"Calm down Casper." The girl patted his shoulders. His eyes and lips turned blood red and his skin became paler than pale. He quickly grew out ... and bit the girl on the neck and cracked it... I was horrified. My eyes widened. I was about to run away but I couldn't.

"You." He pointed to me."Better listen to Nash." Then he disappeared or.. flew off. I knew there was something abnormal here. It wasn't right. I turned around to Nash.

"Hey, it's alright." He slowly approached me.

"Get the fuck away from me." I slowly walked back.

"Look I'm not like Casper."

"But are you Casper's kind?"

"Well..." He scratched the back of his head."No?"

"You lied to me!" I shouted.

"Well you actually never asked if I was a vampire soooo."


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