To Die For

My mother once said. Don't let love take over your life. But she was all about the education. Don't get me started on my father; the drug addict. What a life huh? I know I should save the lesson learned from the end but, who knows if I'm gonna ever finish this book or if you even bother to read it. Love what you have now before it disappears, and respect what you know will be with you forever because some people won't ever have it. Sadly, I learned all those things the hard way.
(nash grier fanfic)


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

.. So the hard thing most is what to start my beginning with. Some people just address their name, age, hair colour, sex, type of people, and all the shitty stuff we don't really care about. You can imagine me however you like. But just keep in mind that my name is Brianna so don't mistake me.

It was 1948.. haha just kidding.

It all started one summer. I was a girl like any other girl, including you... wanting to find love, imagining a shoulder to lean on, a passionate kiss in the rain, a piggyback ride.. it was all I could think of. But my neighborhood was full of the shittiest looking guys in the world.. except for this one boy, I don't know his name though, and he'll probably never know mines. Sadly. I could think about him all day . His dreamy face....... and that's it. Let's be honest that's what you mainly go for in guys, don't give me that thought of, personality matters most..

I was curious one day, I live near a forest, a forbidden forest and yeah yeah you're probably thinking 'oh she crosses it and breaks the rule #badass' but guess what? You're right. It's a forbidden forest, who knows what can be in there, like a pack of hot boys that a girl wants all to herself and just starts a rumor about it. It was sunset, my parents weren't home from work yet except for my dad, the night worker, so I snuck outside, jumping from the window, our house isn't so big, it's 2 story, but not even high.

I felt like this forest is already my family, like a family to me. Home. A lot more. I could hear the trees rustling and making it sound like rain. I heard a hiss. I continued walking. Following the shadow. But it felt more like the shadow was following me. Yep. My heart was beating. Beating. And Beating. I felt a splash on my hands. More . And more. Then the shadow disappeared. Why. It was raining.

Now this is starting to sound stupid. I'll stop beings a narrator now, and you can actually actually experience with me.


To Die For


I ran back as quickly as I could into the front yard. I snuck inside and into my room. The house was quiet. Like always. I laid down on my bed and looked up at the wall. What was that shadow? More importantly, why was it following me?

I woke up on a rainy Monday. Thank God. My dad usually drives me to school. But not on rainy days. He hates the rain. It just makes him fall asleep. Luckily, I get to go explore that forest. I walked outside with my raincoat on and my boots and jeans. It was now steamy in that forest. I couldn't see any shadow. I lurked more into the forest. Then I hit my feet into something.. a log? I fell down and into the empty river. There were frogs everywhere. The river was at least 15 inches high. My clothes were all soaked. There was a person up on that river. Some girl, with blackish brownish hair. She was staring at me.

"Hi." I said.

It sounded stupid but yeah, she didn't laugh, she just stared at me more. She slowly walked down, keeping her black eyes on me.


I didn't know what she was doing, if I scooted back it might seem rude. She finally reached me, I stood up. She took her fist back. I covered my eyes and pointed my elbow to her to 'protect' myself.

"Stop!" A voice said.

"What?" The female voice replied, which is what i predicted was the girl who was about to punch me 's voice. I looked now, it was two boys... I didn't see them before.

"Veronica don't punch her!" The guy said.

"Thanks." I said.

He turned to look at me.

"Yet." He said. Rude ass bitch, much?

"No one's punching anyone." The guy with the brown eyes said.

"Oh why not? She's blond!! She's not natural." The girl who I believes name is Veronica but secretly I will nickname her, Bitch.

"Excuse me." I scoffed.

"Remember?" The brown eyes said.

"No I do not, Cam."


That was brown eye's name.

The Bitch #1 aka the blue eyes, whispered something to Bitch #2 aka Veronica.

"Ugh but why her?" She whined.

"I don't know."

"Well, hey there blondie my name's Veronica," she introduced even though I did not care,"and you're a... BITCH!"

The last thing I remembered was her fist going right into my face.

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