Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


1. Prologue.







"I don't know about this Louis. It seems dangerous." She said backing away from the edge.

"Of course it does. That's why we have my lucky coin. You choose." I said flicking the coin in the air, catching it and holding it so neither of us could see. I glanced at her unsure face. Her deep brown hair with caramel highlights hid her face. Finally she glanced at me and smiled.

"Heads." She said I moved my hand as we both peered at the small coin sitting on the back of my hand. As I looked at the coin my smile grew wider.

"Well would you look at that." I said I looked up at Casey. Her eyes were now wide and full of fear, I smirked. "Like I said Lucky." I told her and we both stepped to the edge of the cliff. I grabbed her shaking hand and looked at her. "On 3" I said she nodded slowly.


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