Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


8. Chapter 7


I don't remember what time I went to sleep last night but at some point I ended up in my bed. I got out of bed this morning feeling a little sick, so I hurried to get ready and get out the house before I convinced myself to stay home. When I walked out the door, after saying bye to my mom, I cut down the alley. I walked a little way to the school not expecting to see a gigantic dog in the park closest to my house. I froze terrified when it was facing me, I knew not to run because that would only make it chase me, but when it started to growl I got to scared and jolted. I was running toward the school when I realized how dangerous this situation was so I went down a random street falling into someone.

Before I could figure out who it was I heard the growling again and dug my nails into whoever this person I fell on was. "Ow! Your hurting me!" I heard the person yell. I got up and looked at the giant dog, I was shaking out of fear. The person I fell on was now behind me, and laughing. I didn't turn to see who it was because I couldn't lose eye contact with the dog. "So your scared of dogs, huh?" They said that's when I broke my gaze and saw Louis.

"Shut up. What do you know anyway?" I said out of fear, I was never mean to anyone unless I was scared. I honestly didn't even know how to be mean. But here I was getting mad at one of the biggest boys in the music world. I saw Louis walk past me and to the dog bending down and holding his hand out for the dog to sniff. The dog carefully sniffed it and then nuzzled its head into Louis's hand. I started to walk past them, but the dog started growling again. I took another step and it barked. I screamed and jumped back against the wall, tears started to get heavy in my eyes. I hated when anyone saw me cry, but I couldn't help it when I was scared. It happened to me before with one of my grade school friends, Shawn.

There was a haunted house in our neighborhood, and Shawn wanted to go but he knew I hated anything scary. But we went anyway, and while we were in there somebody grabbed my shoulders and screamed in my ear scaring me half to death. I grabbed onto Shawn's hand and didn't let go until he calmed me down hours after we had left the haunted house. He had babied me up and treated me like his little sister, but then he moved back to his hometown in middle school. Leaving me, my brother and mom in Doncaster .

I was pressed against the wall while the dog barked at me, I shut my eyes letting tears fall down my cheeks then I felt someone grab my hand and pull me away. I opened my eyes and saw Louis running in front of me. What is going on?

After running for awhile we stopped breathing hard. I looked around and we were in a park. "What are you doing? We have to get to school?!" I said when I caught my breathe, he stood up straight laughing. "Well since you didn't say how you would repay me for keeping your secret I thought of something." He said I glared at him. " For me to keep your secret you gotta spend the whole day with me and do the things I like."

"Ok, but can we do this on Saturday, we have school!" I complain then he got closer to me and whispered: "Or we can go and talk with James and Grace?" I sighed "You know they have a name for this, it's called Blackmail." I told him and he just laughed loudly. He grabbed my bag from me and started walking, I just followed him. Soon we arrived at a house, my guessing it be his. He opened the door and called inside to his mom and I stood there like the shy girl I was. He turned and saw me still standing outside and shook his head, he grabbed my arm and pulled my inside to a couch.


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