Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


6. Chapter 5




I know Grace was pissed of at me, but I couldn't tell her I had work today. So I made a face I make when I have track after school. I explained to James what happened, and left. I worked at a small common bakery, that wasn't too far from school. When I got inside I saw a boy around my age dancing around in a bakery apron. I couldn't help but laugh a little, he looked up and smiled to me.

"Welcome, miss" He said sweetly, I gave him a small smile and walk to the back. "Ah Cassidy! It's been some time hasn't it." I heard Greta say when I walked to the employee lockers. "Hi Greta, I missed you too." I had to change into a skirt and white pattern shirt. While I was changing I noticed Greta smiling at the dancing boy. "Hey Greta! Who is that?" I asked her and she turned around confused. "A teenage girl like you doesn't know him? That's Harry. He worked here awhile back, before he became part of One Direction. Actually it was just before you first started working here, how ironic." I stood in shock that I was meeting yet another member of the band my best friend loved.

When I was done changing I put my long dark brown hair in a ponytail, with a few strains hanging lose. I went to grab the broom and dustpan and stepped out in the common area I started to sweep the bakery as I normally did. I grabbed the dustpan when I got all the trash together, and sweep it up and threw it away. "Hey Harry. Could you take out the trash?" Bridget yelled behind her. "I got it B!" I told her and grabbed the trash and walked out back and threw the trash in the dumpster. I went back inside and almost clashed right into Harry. "Um, Sorry." I said and walked past him with my head down.

I was at the cash register the rest of work and I kept catching Harry staring at me,which made me nervous. About an hour before I clocked out Louis walked into the Bakery, I ducked down quickly but Greta saw me. "Cassidy! Stand up and get to work." I froze as I stood up slowly, Louis hadn't noticed me yet since he started talking to Harry when he walked in. If he sees me here he may tell Grace or it could slip out and Grace would get worried about me. Or he might hold it against me. This is bad. This is really bad.



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