Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


4. Chapter 3



I got up this morning and decided to walk to school with my old friends, what I didn't realize is that they also have their own friends. Including girlfriends. That's when I spotted the two girls from yesterday talking to my childhood best friend, James. I walked over toward them and said hi. That's when shy eyes looked down, and her friend rolled her eyes. I started chatting with James and the girl stopped me.

"Wait. James? You know him?" She said in the sharpest tone ever. James shut his eyes tight and the girl punch him in his gut. "Wow no need to get violent here." I put my hands up in defense and shy eyes started laughing. "Eh. Lou it's alright. I'm use to it by now especially with Grace, Casey here doesn't hit too much." He said pointing to shy eyes. Then Grace I think, smiled at me with a smile that looked like she could laugh any second. So I ended up bursting into laughter. I saw Casey elbow Grace and whisper something in her ear. Grace stopped smiling and turned away blushing. We all started chatting as we walked closer to the school. When we got to the courtyard James leaned over to Casey and tried to whisper, but didn't.

"So how's your mum doing?" She stared at him a second then looked down. Then he turned away and started talking to me again. We were joking around when the girls broke off and disappeared.


"Remind me to murder James later." Grace said as we went to our lockers, I laughed at her. "Grace, he is just a boy." I told her and she glared at me. "Louis Tomlinson isn't just a boy. He is a famous boy, that probably has trust issues because no one would have noticed him if he wasn't famous." She told me and for once, when she was talking about One Direction, you could tell she actually wanted to get to know the real them.

"I don't know Grace, I think if we met Louis before 1D. We would have been his friends. I know I would have." I said and she smiled at me. "Of course you would have. You can get along with everyone, no matter how snobbish they are. You just see the good in people, something I could never do." she said I shook my head at her as I stopped at my locker. I just opened it when I spotted Abby and Claire, I ducked my head behind some boy standing in the way. Grace noticed and turned and saw them, she pulled me toward my locker and whisper in my ear: "You can't hide forever, Cas." 

I took a deep breathe and grabbed me books out of my locker, today we had English, French, Physics, and Calculus. Calculus was our first class and we had it with Abby and James. Terrible combination considering the fact Abby has a crush on him but he only talks to me and Grace.

When the bell rang we had just walked into the classroom, and sat down. After about five minutes we noticed James hadn't been in class yet. We looked around the room and I made eye contact with Abby, her face was emotionless like she was lost in thought. I turned away quickly and looked at the door and there was James walking in with Louis. Mrs. Smith turned around angry, she hated when her lesson was interrupted. 

"Sorry Mrs.Smith I was helping the new student with some work." The way James said it told me what he was doing. I glared at him. He pissed me off. Every now and then James would sneak around back of the school and have a smoke and always walk into class late. When he sat down next to me I punched him. "Ow! What was that for?" He said jokingly. I just turned away, and started taking notes.

When class was over James turned to me. "I'm sorry" he said "No your not you never are." I told him, he grabbed my hand, which made me look at him. "I'm sorry Casey" he said I laughed and rolled my eyes. Then we went to Physics, the only class I absolutely couldn't understand. Also another class we shared with Louis. Louis sat at the quad table with me and Grace. He was sitting next to me and Grace was across from me.

"I still don't get it!" I complained to Grace, she laughed at me and I pouted. "Look all you have to do is be able to substitute for the formulas, to do that you have to know what each symbol in the formula means. So you do this, then that and don't forget to use the complete formula." She said pointing to my paper explaining the problem, but as always it got jumbled up and I panicked. "Ah! Cas! Your nose!" Grace said quickly I touched my nose and looked at my hand, blood. I stood up and ran out the door and to the nurse.


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