Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


3. Chapter 2




I had just gotten into school and there was already a fuss, the girls were in their normal groups fan-girling in their own way. I walked past the crowds trying to get to my locker as quickly as possible. Of course I got tripped though. I quickly stood up and broke through the crowd, I finally got to my locker and grabbed my statistic book and engineering notebook. I also grab my gym sneakers, so I could drop them off in the gym during lunch. While I was putting my bag in my locker Grace came running down the hall straight to me. I froze as she just stopped at my locker.

"Cas! Guess What!?" she squealed in my ear. I nodded at her to continue. "So you know that boy-band I love so much, One Direction? Yea, well guess what?!" She said freaking out. "You got ticket to go see them in concert." I said she pouted and leaned up against the lockers. "As if I could, my parents would never pay for the tickets" she said forgetting about why she came to talk to me, I waited a little while before reminding her. "So what did happen with 1D?" I said and her smile came right back and she turned to me.

"Louis Tomlinson is in our school, and he picked up my book after I had a minor freak out." she said, I looked at her surprised. "So your telling me a boy from the biggest boy-band in the world is at our school?" I said and she nodded eagerly, I laughed softly."I'm sorry I just don't believe you." I said and she gave me a face that meant watch-i'll-show-you.

Then we went to our first class which was engineering. I tried to concentrate but Grace was next to me bouncing up and down like shes hyperactive or ADHD. When class was over, she dragged me to the hall and we walked around for a bit but since we only had five minutes between classes we had to hurry because our next class, statistics, was in the second building. We had just made it when the bell rang, I was breathing heavy  then I started to cough. I could fell Grace hit my back, soon the cough past. When I stood I saw Grace's face was frozen, I wasn't sure if she was breathing, I followed her eyes to see the one and only Louis Tomlinson......In my favorite seat. Then Grace leaned over to me.

"That's him. He is in your seat, what are you gonna do?" She whispered in my ear. This was her trying to break me out of my comfort zone, and speak up. But it's just not me, I'd rather stay out of the way. "I'm gonna sit somewhere else" I said I started to sit on the other side of the room, when Grace grabbed me and pulled me over to him. Then she pushed me in front of him and sat down in the seat next to him, her usual seat. Louis looked up at me and smiled. "Hey, is something wrong?" I shot my head down to the ground and mumbled nothing and walked away and across the room. In the middle of class I had a chance to glance at Grace, and she glared at me the way you glare at someone for taking the last cookie.

After class I was still packing my things up when Grace walked up to me. "What the hell Cas?" she said I grabbed my favorite pen and stood up. "What? He was already sitting there, I'm not going to start something over a seat." Grace rolled her eyes with a "Whatever" and I knew I was forgiven. We both walked to the gym because before class I liked to stretch and run a few laps.

We got to the gym and I changed then came out the girls locker room with shorts and a t-shirt that say "Fast, Furious, but Adorkable!" I walked over to Grace and started to stretch. We were talking about how I was obsessed with running and then the subject changed to Louis.  I started to get up when she said, " I think you two would be such a cute couple!" I burst into laughter and got in my ready position. 

"What you guys would!? I'm just being honest, and then I can meet Niall." She said clasping her hands together. "You and I both know I have no interest in boys. Time me." I said she grabbed her phone. "You should open your eyes a little. Ready, set, GO!" And I started running, by the time I got to 30 laps lunch was almost over and Grace told me I needed to eat something. So I stopped and ate my turkey sandwich, and apple then I drank a little of my water since I would need it for gym. When the bell rung for us to get to class me and Grace threw away our trash and she went to change while I sat on the bleachers. I saw other students going to the locker rooms and some coming out. That's when Claire and Abby walked up to me. I looked down preparing for the insults and they came in all kind of ways.

"Adorkable?" Claire said laughing. "A dork that's for sure" Abby said most of them,and I was used to them, except for the last one they said. "Where are your glasses? Did you lose them like you lost your virginity?!" Abby said when Grace walked out of the locker room. My eyes started to water, I saw Grace start to run over pissed off. Until we both heard a voice. "Man girls that make others cry are real pains in the ass. " I froze, Abby and Claire both turned and I looked at the person who spoke. Louis Tomlinson.  Then all of a sudden Claire and Abby apologized and went to sit at the bottom of the bleachers. Grace ran up to me and on the bleachers, she put her arm around me and stayed there. I was calm soon.

The teacher explained to us that next class we would be doing a pacer test, my favorite thing about PE. School ended the same with Spanish. Me and Grace stopped at my locker before we got out the building. On our walk we saw Louis. "Hey Grace. Come with me to say thanks to him." I said she gave me a face, but went with me anyway. She was on her phone until we got up to him.

"H-hey, Louis." I said stuttering. He turned around surprised, then he smiled. "Hi. Shy eyes." I froze and Grace laughed. "See he already has a cute nickname for you." Grace whispered to me, I just shook my head. "My name's Cassidy, and I wanted to thank you for earlier." I made a small smile, but he looked confused.

"For what?" I looked down feeling awkward. "For what happened in gym." I said and he made a sound that sounded shocked. "That was you?!" I laughed and nodded, then Grace jumped in. "That's just terrible" was all she said. "What is?" he asked she just shook her head, then we said goodbye which was awkward too, because we walked the same way. Soon Grace broke off to go home, then Louis, luckily. This way he doesn't have to see where I live. I cut down an alley and to a old creaky house, and stepped in the door that could fall off any day now. "I'm Home!"




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