Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


14. Chapter 13




I woke up and was still in shock from the Luke thing. I got ready and rushed out the door, I hadn't bumped into anyone this morning which felt actually quiet calming. I got in the school and went to my locker, not wanting to wait for Grace I went to my first class. Engineering. I sat down and pulled my notebook out. class hadn't started yet but I started to copy the notes beforehand so I could understand it easier. Grace walked in 5 minutes before the bell could ring and she was smiling and blushing. I gave her a questioning look and she took a deep breathe as she sat down next to me.

"Your never gonna believe what just happened?" She squealed "What?" I asked her and she smiled wider if possible. "So you know Micheal right? Luke's friend?" I felt disgusted at the sound of his name, I nodded. "Look I hate Luke too but I gotta deal with him."She said and I agreed, she had to deal with him they were siblings, twins at that."Anyway Micheal asked me out." She said with the straightest face ever seen, and that's how I knew there was some kinda catch. "What?" I said.

"Well you see Micheal just happened to be standing by Luke and he said I can't go unless we double up. Me and Micheal and You and L-" I didn't even let her finish she was crazy if she thought I was going to go out with Luke on an actually date. "No way." I said and before she could try to change my mind the bell rang. Engineering dragged on and in the middle of class Grace passed me a note saying: Come on were already going to the spring festival this weekend...Please? I just responded with: I'll think about it. Class was a lot longer than usual, but I didn't mind. I really didn't want to get questioned by Louis yet. But as time passes class ends and we are right around the corner from our class.

Just before I could get in the room though Mr. McPherson, the music teacher, stopped me. "Casey just the girl I was looking for." He said smiling I smiled back at him. "What is it?" I asked "Well as you know the spring festival is this weekend." He said as if it wasn't Friday. "Well one of our performers Sofia got the flu and can't sing her song, so I was hoping you could fill in for her with your own song?" By own song I knew he meant I would have to sing. I hated to sing in front of people, but the piano, the piano was a different story. I could play in front of anyone, but standing in front of Mr. McPherson right now I unconsciously agreed the sing and play.

I walked in the classroom to my usual seat that Louis wasn't sitting in today. I looked over at Grace "Your lucky. I'll go on your little double date. But only because I have to perform at the festival." I told her and she smiled and nodded thanking me a bunch of times. "Who's gonna perform where?" I looked up and made awkward eye contact with Louis. I looked away while Grace answered his question.

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