Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


13. Chapter 12




After James outburst the teacher walked in the class was awkward and extremely quiet. When class ended I hurried out the room before Danny and Grace could bug me about how Louis apparently likes me. I won't let him. Boys are just pervs and assholes. And speaking of assholes here comes the biggest one in the school. I try to keep my head down to avoid him, but before I could cut the corner, he slams his arm in front of me placing it on the wall. I turn my face to look at Luke, with his friends. I held my books closer to my chest so he wouldn't try anything like last time.

"Hey princess. I see your not with Grace." He says, I ignore him and look pass him. He moved closer to my face. "Hey princess don't ignore me." He smirked I glared at him. "Move Hemmings. I don't want any trouble. And you being this close to me will cause a lot of them." I say and he smirks. "Why it's not like you have a boyfriend?" He says closing the space between our faces. I knew exactly what to do. I let him kiss me and he tried to gain an advantage, I let him in only to bite his tongue. "Ow! Fuck." He said putting his hand over his mouth. I knew I'd pay for it later but for now I'm running. I ran into the music room the quietest place in the whole school. I sat alone and ate lunch. When I finished eating I opened the case for the acoustic guitar . I smiled as I ran my fingers over the strings.

I sat down and pretended I was in a concert, like when I was younger. Dad loved when I played music, where as mom like me to do sports. I started to play "B-e-a-utiful" by Megan Nicole I even started to sing without realizing. When I was finished I noticed someone at the door. I went to open it and it was Luke, just Luke. I backed away nervous, but he walked slowly and closed the door. Then he smiled which wasn't normal. "You really did a number on me, what do you have vampire teeth." He said laughing. I glared at him "So what you only act cocky around your friends?" I stated and he nodded. "Come on you should know that by now.But you know, I can actually tell when something sounds and looks nice." I still stood my ground but he walked toward the guitar and picked it up. "You sounded good but the guitar needs tuning." He said I cautiously walked toward him as he tuned the guitar. "You don't have to be scared, I swear I won't do anything. Unless, of course, you want me to." He says looking at me curiously. I rolled my eyes disgusted as he continued to tuned the guitar.

"Alright here." he said handing me the guitar. I grabbed it and it actually did sound better. "Thanks. I guess." I say and he smirks "Now will you answer my question?" He asked I gave him a curious look. He grabbed my arm, after I put the guitar down, and had me sitting in his lap. I suddenly couldn't breathe, I felt uncomfortable but at the same time I kind of wanted something to happen. He started to kiss my neck and I wanted to resist, but my body wouldn't let me. He bit down on my earlobe and then pulled me on top of him as he laid back on the little couch in the room. His kisses got deeper as he reach my lips.

"Luke. Stop it." I mumbled in the kiss, but he didn't listen. His hands went under my shirt as he explored my body. Then he reached his hand behind my back trying to unstrap my bra. My breathe got heavier and I struggled to breathe, but I was in a disposition. He started to trail kisses down my body. When he unhooked my bra, he began to pull my shirt up, then the door opened and in came Louis. Luke got up slowly groaning, I was shaking scared.


"Casey!?" Louis yelled I sat up and a tear fell from my eyes. "Good it's just a student. It would have been bad if it was a teacher." Luke said and winked back at me and left. The tears started to stream, but I wasn't sobbing. I wiped them away and redid my bra. After adjusted the straps, I stood up. Louis was just looking at me. I looked away from him and walked past with my bag in hand.

"Wait Casey! What was just going on in there?" I didn't answer and kept walking. "Casey?" Louis said again. I shook my head and walked to class wiping another tear as I past Luke and his friends. I hurry to class knowing Louis is following me. When I get there I see Grace and look her dead in the eyes. She looks almost pissed when she can tell I was crying. I'm sure she knew exactly what happened.Luckily, I got through the rest of the school day without bumping into Louis or Luke. I left school quickly and went to work. I focused on work as much as I could to keep my mind off of everything. Of course it wasn't easy when Louis walked into the bakery. He pried and pried but I said nothing except "Can I take you order?" When my shift was over I went home did my homework and went to sleep.


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