Coin Flipper. || L.T

When in doubt flip a coin. That's how he thinks, but I'd rather not. @ Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


12. Chapter 11




This morning when I woke up I found Harry in my house in his boxers. "Hey Haz wake up! And put some clothes on!" I told him pushing him a little. I went downstairs and had some toast, then I went back upstairs and changed into some casual clothes. "So how's your little experiment going?" Harry asked me. I smirked "She really is interesting. She doesn't speak up when she's uncomfortable, she hates doing group activities, and she lets people bully her." I told him and he just shook his head.

"Lou don't dig your hole to deep, don't forget you leave in two months." He told me, but honestly I didn't care. She was interesting and so was her life. And so far I just want to know more. "What else about her?" Harry said I turned to him and smiled. "When she's sleepy she's vulnerable and cute." I told him and he looked confused. I just walked away, downstairs and out the front door. Maybe I'll get lucky enough to see her this morning. I didn't but we had class together today, so I would. I grabbed my books out my locker and walked to my calculus class. When I walked inside though I saw her with some guy and they seemed really friendly.

I took a deep breathe and sat down. Instead of sitting next to her like I wanted to I had to sit across from her, because whoever this guy was, was sitting next to her. When she noticed me she turned away almost immediately. It was kinda cute. "Hey Casey" I said and she mumbled a hi. Soon Grace joined us and the bell rang. We had to keep up with the lesson because it was something new. When the teacher passed out the work we started to work it out together.

I turned to Grace because I couldn't understand anything on the paper. "What does this mean?" I asked her pointing at the problem. Her eyes widened. "Um. I think that's the continued sum?" She said then I heard Casey laugh, I looked at her as she reach across the table. "It's actually absolute convergence. All you have to do is take this and that. Then evaluate the equation." she said, I smiled at how much simpler it was, I glanced up at her. She was still leaning across the table, and she was really close. I felt her breathe as she made a small smile. She was so different, I wanted to know more.

"Hey Cas. Can you help me?" The boy said I wanted so badly to get rid of him but I couldn't. I looked away from them as Casey helped him. I noticed that she was leaning in closer to him and didn't mind being under his breathe.I tried not to let it bother me. But when she stopped helping, he pecked her on the cheek.  I couldn't help but get mad, I don't think girls should hang out with guys alone if they had a boyfriend right? Then again, she did get mad at me yesterday for taking her out with me. And she even questioned whether or not it was a date. Maybe she was trying to send me signals.

I stood up from my desk and walked out of class. I heard someone else get up and I hoped so badly it was her. So I could do or say something about yesterday."Hey Louis stop it." Grace grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Hey are you okay?" she asked trying to look into my eyes but I kept turning away not wanting to deal with anything. "I'm fine. Just needed some air, You know school isn't all fun and games." I said calming down. "Wow I would have never thought thee Louis Tomlinson would get so jealous."Grace said joking. I looked at her surprised and she smiled. "I may be blonde, but I'm no where near slow or stupid." She said I smiled she was a cool person, someone I could be around and talk to. She started to walk back to class and I followed, she stopped before we walked in. "Oh and Louis, Danny is just her brother. He is a protective overly flirty pervert." she said and I was completely calm after that. Just her brother. That's it That's all.

I walked back in class and she was looking a me. Had she been worried? We were staring for a second then I saw her cheeks turn a little pink. "Why so blush-y Cas?" Her brother asked and she punched him hard. "Shut up Danny." I laughed at them then talked a bit when class ended I went to find James but couldn't so I just went to class. I saw Grace Cas, and her brother. He was sitting next to her and teasing her about something. She was blushing a lot and trying to hold back a smile. Then I saw Grace jump in too. "Yo. What you guys talking about?" I asked Casey put her head down, while Grace smirked.  "Nothing. Anyway I never got your name." Her brother said. "I'm Louis, most people call me Lou though." I said "Daniel, or Danny. Either is fine with me." he said I nodded at him and realized there were still people who didn't see me as famous. Then James walked in pissed off, I could tell Cas and Grace noticed too.

"Jame-" Cas tried to talk to him but he gave her the meanest look. What was up his ass? He glared at me next and gave me a look of disgust. "What's up with you?" I said point blank the whole class stopped dead, watching us. "You are, asshole!" He said. "What did I do?" I asked and I saw a few girls pull out their phones to record. "I know about your little experiment, Let's just say your sister likes to talk." He said and sat down in the back. I was frozen, of all the people to find out about this why did it have to be James.


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