He came form the underworld

Evil, so much evil. I was walking my dog and was about to take my normal route around the apartments. It was dark and i had my flashlight but just before i turned the corner, there was an overwhelming sense of evil. I ran back and went upstairs where i knew i was safe. At least that's what i thought.

This is a percy jackson story.

But instead of percy its me and nico.

Have fun reading and if you dont know who nico is look up nico di angelo on google. Fo those of you who know who he is, he is adorable.

Have fun reading





3. chapter 2

I should probably introduce myself. I'm Sarah. I'm just a normal girl with a normal life, nothing special. Well thats what I thought but we'll get to that later. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my mom and little brother. We have a dog and a cat. Oh I forgot to mention. I have a weird sixth sense. I don't mean talking to ghosts or stuff like that but it is unusual. I can sense evil presences. I can't pinpoint them but i can tell when they are there. Ok back to the story...

A/n i just found Nico's lullaby and it's so adorable and awsome

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