I love you...

Travis and Charlotte. The bad-boy and the nerd. They both get good grades. Charlotte has been bullied and hurt her entire life. Travis is popular and bullies Charlotte. What happens when his mom gets one direction tickets? Good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught.

Copyright© 2014-2017-Books And Music, tumbxr princess. All Rights Reserved.

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3. Chapter two

The one person she hated the most right now, was on her lawn. Travis, the boy she loved. Travis, the boy who loved/hated her. Travis, the one with the magical tickets.

 "Look, I hate you and Crystal. Just get off my lawn before I shoot a bitch. Now, leave before I call the fucking cops,'' she said to him. Travis looked up at her and smiled.

"Now, now. That's no way to talk to me now is it,'' he replied. Knowing what he could do to her, she tried to be nice, but it was hard. 

"Would you and Jessica like to accompany me and Marianna to a concert," he asked gingerly. Not knowing how to respond, she simply nodded. Jess came home at that time and saw Travis on the lawn.

"Trav! It's been so long since I've seen you! How's Mari," the sister asked, oblivious to the awkwardness between Charlotte and Travis. He simply responded with a nod and a thumbs up. 

"How would you like to go to a concert with me, Mari, and Charlotte," he asked the sister with the blue hair in the wind. 

"Oh, I would love to," she spoke. "Dex, did you do your homework?"

Travis looked confused for a minute, then realized that Dex was Charlotte. He missed so much over two years. He started to think over his actions. Why would he do that if he loved her? Nobody might know, for at that time, they were all out side. A black car pulled up to the side of the road. The passenger got out of the car and took Dex. Jess and Trav were to busy talking. Dex being mute. couldn't do anything. Travis looked to were she was and looked around, only to see her being put in the van. He ran over to her and hopped in with her, Jess in tow. Together, they all got kidnapped. Two by choice, one by force.


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