I love you...

Travis and Charlotte. The bad-boy and the nerd. They both get good grades. Charlotte has been bullied and hurt her entire life. Travis is popular and bullies Charlotte. What happens when his mom gets one direction tickets? Good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught.

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4. Chapter three


Just before the chapter starts I was going to put chapter four down. Yep. 


As the three people were stuck in the back, Travis put his arm around Dex, to keep her safe. 

The truth is, he likes her.  

He fell into Crystal's trap. She made him hate her. It was pure torture for him. 

Dex woke up, only to feel an arm around her. She looked up and saw Travis. She was so confused. Buy she just kept looking up, as he looked down at her. She wanted to scream and yell, but she needed to stay safe. It looked to her as though he was protecting her. She snuggled into him. She loved him but was unsure of his feelings.

"Remember Dex, I've always loved you. You've just been to blind to see it," he whispered into her ear. 

She thought she imagined  it. Little did she know,it was real.

Sorry it's so short. Im on vacation.

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