I love you...

Travis and Charlotte. The bad-boy and the nerd. They both get good grades. Charlotte has been bullied and hurt her entire life. Travis is popular and bullies Charlotte. What happens when his mom gets one direction tickets? Good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught.

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5. Chapter four

 Charlotte looked around the cold, damp room. All of a sudden, the door opened. She saw light peeking through the crack. In walked her captor. He was tall, about 6'0, he had crazy hair, it was purple. He looked familiar, she didn't know why though. He walked over to where she was, almost touching her. 


Travis was on the other side of the room. He wanted to walk over and comfort her, but she would get even more scared. Instead, he had to watch the love of his life get tortured and beat.


Jessica looked around the room, spotting Charlotte and Travis in different corners, looking each others way. She got picked up by a blonde dude, and dragged away to a blue room. This room had a thin mattress atop a metal frame. From where she was she could see handcuffs. This room made her feel nauseous. She turned around, hoping the blonde boy was messing with her. He led her to the bed, only to sit down. After a couple of minutes, he talked.

"Hi. My name is Luke. I know your name. You're Jessica Dexterous. You have a sister named Charlotte. She has a crush on Travis Rose. You have a boyfriend, but he's a total loser. I know your mom is alive, but not with you. I know your dad is dead. I know you like someone besides your boyfriend. I know you want to live in Australia, but not with your boyfriend. I know you know who i am. I know you know everything, but one thing."

Jessica looked confused. Then, it all went black.


Charlotte looked over to where Travis was. He was peacefully sitting there, looking off into space. He had this blank look in his eyes, and she thought that was weird. She was contemplating whether or ot to go over to him.


Travis was thinking of Charlotte, trying to figure out how to win her heart if all he's done was be mean to her. He looked over at her, only to see a brown haired curly person going in her direction. He jumped up, not really, and went over to her. Right before the guy reached her cowering body, Travis went in front of her. He was protecting her. He loves her. The curly guy left soon after, in search of someone else, his partner. 


Charlotte looked up, to see Travis on top of her, holding her in a caring manner. She just held on tighter. She could fell him relax more, and, after a while, placed a kiss on his cheek. She then fell asleep.


Jessica woke from her being blacked out, only to be in a room with a twin bed and a queen. She looked around, and saw that Travis and Charlotte were in the twin. She had no clue how they got there, but realized it was the guest bedroom in her Aunt Carol's house. Aunt C was a nice person, but she passed away at a young age. She died due to liver cancer. She left her property to her only son, Michael.


Char woke up to be held by someone. Without opening her eyes, she snuggled further into person. But when she breathed in, she realized the scent didn't belong to Jess. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw it was Travis, and Jess was on the other side of the room, fast asleep, on the queen bed. She got up, and looked around. She couldn't see anything, making her realize she had no glasses or contacts. Without them, she couldn't see. Dex walked over to Trav, and shook him awake. He got up, and together they explored the house, that seemed familiar to both of them.


Trav looked at the house more carefully. He ten realized it was Michael's, his best friend, who lived here. He knew the story, including the fact the Michael was Char and Jess' cousin.

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