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2. Chapter 2

I open my eyes.

It was a dream.

I glanced at my calendar.

Today: February 8th.

Oh Crap!

I quickly grab a hoodie, jeans, leftovers from the lunch I made yesterday, and an umbrella.

I yell at Ty to lock the door, Ty (Who I realize was half asleep.) nodded.

As I ran out in the pouring rain I realized that its kinda far so I bought a cheap bike and biked the way there under my umbrella.

As I got there, I leaned the bike against the gate. ( I know I'm not allowed to do that, but no one was there, so, Who's going to stop me?!)

I've been here before, so I know exactly where he is. I look around and spot him.

I walk up to him, and say "Hey, Bill! Sorry I'm late, I overslept I know that's not a good reason to miss your birthday, but I rushed here as fast as I could. How you holding up, Buddy?"

He didn't respond...

Of course he didn't respond.

He couldn't.

He's dead.

I try to polish his tombstone for him as good as I could.

I lean the umbrella over him as well, to make sure he's not wet.

The tombstone read:


                                                                  William H. Reese

                                              ~February 8th 1966 - February 8th 2009~

                                                     Loving Son, Brother, And Friend.

                                                              May He Rest In Peace


"I've got you a present." I said.

I look around, only a few people were near me, the same people who were always there...

A lady who had lost her husband, a man who had lost his young daughter and

a kid about 13 or so, strange never saw him before, I assume he's the man's son, but since he's

so far away from anyone,so, I could be wrong.

"It does a lot to a boy when he loses someone at a young age,"  I thought.

"But that's what'll make him strong."

I take the small tin box out of my hoodie, it's the same one I give him every year.

He used to carry it around all the time, I never opened it, I know it's just stuff he's collected over the years.

I sit on the ground, and read the news to him.

It always takes a lot of of me to not remember what happened to him, but I'm tired of fighting it this year.


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