Katie loved her family, so much but when they do blood testing at school, maybe her family isn'y who she thought they were. After discovering many secrets, so goes off and finds out for herself.


2. Blood Tests

"Class, as part of you family project, we will take blood tests, for our blood type graph and family trees, any questions?" Nobody had raised their hands. "Good now, we will take blood tests during lunch, just a prick of your finger and your done." Mrs. Colhan grinned. I turned to Ashely behind me. "So, I bet you $300 that one of us in this class isn't related to their family." I giggle to Ashely. "Katie, it's a deal." She smiled. We shook hands."So what makes you think that nobody is related to their family?"Ashley glanced at me. "I just have a feeling.." I shrugged. I don't even know why, just had a strange feeling. "RING!!" "Ok see you tomorrow and don't your family tree outline.." Mrs.Colhan waved goodbye at the door. "So, you better get your $300 ready." I slug Ashley in the arm. She rolled her eyes and slugged me back, harder. "What the he--!" 

"LANGUAGE MRS.SAVOR!" Mrs.Colhan yelled as we passed by.

"ell." I finished. Ashley grabbed my hand and pulled me to the lunch room. "Why such a hurry?" I yell as my feet slid on the floor. "I need my $300 for my movie collection." Ashley yelled.

I started giggling as she tugged harder on me. "Not so fast!"I laugh. I started getting a headache and 

then my stomach started turning and turning, my throat started to burn. "Ash, one sec." I choked. I felt it coming up. I swallowed hard. "Kat? You ok." Ashley walked over and patted my back. I shook my head and ran to the bathroom. My feet patted on the tile. I blocked out everything beside my beating heart. "Bum bum, bum bum." I ran straight into a stall. I was waiting but nothing came, just my burning throat. I got back up and held my breathe. "Come on, nothing to worry about, they are your family." I whisper to myself. I open the stall door and I lumbered toward the sink. I push the cold water on and cup my hands together and let the cold water fill my hands. Once my hands filled I brought my face forward and drank what I could before it leaked from the bottom. I turned the water off and wiped my hands on my Aeropostale shirt. I turned and rushed back to the lunch room. I stumbled a few times and almost face planted several times. "Next is.. Ms.Savor!" Mrs.Calhan yelled. "Here!!" I yell from across the room. "Your next, get up here!" 

I prance through the tables and to the table. "Here!" I gasp. 

Mrs.Colhan grabbed my hand and laid it on the table. She grabbed the needle and pricked my finger. "Press your finger on the paper please." Mrs.Colhan announced. I flipped my hand over and pressed it on the paper."Thank you, go sit down."

I turned and walked away. I sat down at the nearest table and watched Mrs.Colhan disinfected the needle for the next student.

After about 20 students, Ashely came up and sat next to me. "So are you nervous about losing your $300?" Ashely teased

I glared at her and shook my head "Why would I? I am always right!" I teased back. 

"Well, it would be funny if it was you." She laughed. "Yeah.." I whisper, so funny. The thing is I hoped it wasn't, I loved my family and I always wanted to be related. "Ok, your results will come next week." Mrs Colhan yelled. She packed her stuff and strutted off. 

"Wow, she can really sashay." Ashley giggles


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