Katie loved her family, so much but when they do blood testing at school, maybe her family isn'y who she thought they were. After discovering many secrets, so goes off and finds out for herself.


3. Are blood tests even reliable

Today is the day the blood tests come in. I shouldn't be worried, I think I would know my family, we are really related, I know this for sure. I slowly walked into the science room. "Ok, everyone, find your last name on the envelopes and well, there is your results." Mrs Colhan yelled from the hallway. I made my way to the counter and looked for my name






I picked the envelope up and walked back to my desk. Ashley was already sitting at the desk giggling. "Well, you are not earning any money hon. Sorry, not sorry." she laughed. 

I gave her a sarcastic smile and sat down. I took a deep breath. I gripped my fingers on the edges and started pulling until I felt Ashley's breath on my neck. I turn my head and glare at her "Some privacy please" I snap. She put her hands up as if she was going to be arrested and sat back down. Now instead of slowly opening the envolope, I just tore it apart. I pulled the letter out and read it.


Blood Test Results:

Name: Katie Savor

Familys Blood type: 

Mother: B Positive

Father: B Postitive

Katie Savor: A negative

I stared straight at my paper shocked. How could this happen. Why me? Why me? Why my family. Who is my family, I don't even know who I am anymore.

and even worse



I have to pay Ashley $300 

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