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1. Meeting

Hi! My name is Samantha Dove Rivers. I'm 18. I work at a music store. It's so fun and great. My favorite colors is neon green, blue, and black. My favorite animals are pandas, turtles, and penguins.

My best friend: Amber Jules. She is my best friend. We've been through thick and thin. Her favorite color is purple and grey. Her favorite animal is a elephant. She loves them. Her theme in her room is elephant.

We have a great big house and and it's beautiful. On the outside it's yellow. Her room is 3 walls purple and 1 room grey. My room is all blue with green splattered marks. On the left side there is writing that says : "Love is Eternal" With hearts all around it and an eternity sign. The kitchen is beautiful and big. I love to go in there and cook. I'm a great cook. I've learned everything from my mother. She is a great cook. I hope one day I can grow up to be like her.

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