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9. 9.

Luke's point of view

Me and Sam were laying in bed. "Luke?" Sam says. "Yeah baby?" I reply "why are there instruments all in the house?" She asked quietly. No! No. Why'd she have to ask me this tonight? If I tell her that we're in a band she might get mad and leave. I don't want her to leave. This is her first time ever over here. Let alone staying the night. I don't want to take that chance.

Or I tell her then she wants to make it public so that everyone knows that she's MY girlfriend and I'm HER boyfriend. I don't have a problem with that! I would love to show her off so that everyone knows how lucky I am. But I'm afraid of everything people might say to her. She's not good enough. She's not even pretty. I don't want her to actually start believing them. Because she's way to good for me!

"Babe?" She says. "Oh. Sometimes we play for holidays." I say. Hopefully she believes me. "Maybe I can hear you some time?" She said. "Anytime baby." I say without thinking. "How about tomorrow." She says.

What did I say? She's gonna find out. Great. Just fucking great. "Okay." I say calmly. We lay back down and she falls asleep instantly. I can hear her slight snores. I on the other hand cannot fall asleep for anything. I'm so nervous for tomorrow.

Sam's point of view:

I get to hear Luke perform tomorrow. I'm so excited. I better go to sleep now so it can come faster.

I wake up Luke's chest cuddled into him. I look up at him. He's so damn sexy. I try and get out of his arms but it was no use. He had me locked down. I slowly slither down his arms and out of his grasp. I get up and go into his bathroom.

Yes! He has his own bathroom. I think everyone does but I'm not to sure. I brush my hair and remove my makeup from last night. I put on my clothes from yesterday and walk into his room again. Luke still sleeping. He starts stirring and wakes up realizing I'm not there. He looks around until his eyes land on me. I smile and he smirks. "I thought I lost you." He said slightly sad with pouty lips. "You could never lose me baby." I say and give him a kiss. He kisses back and slips his tongue into my mouth. He then kisses my neck and I let out a small moan. I push him away and back up. "Babe, that's not fair." He says pouting again. "You just woke up. You can't have sex all the time Luke." I say. He frowns and pretends to cry. "Awww! Poor baby. I made baby cry."I say in a baby voice. He nods and gets up. He changes his boxers, pants, then shirt in front of me. "You don't have to stare." He says noticing that I was staring at him when he changed. "Sorry." I mumble and blush. "Babe. It's fine. I don't care. You've seen me naked and I've seen you naked. I wish I see you more naked though." He says winking.

I blush and look down. "Babe." He says. "We're a couple it's normal for couples to see each other naked and do adult things." He says explaining it to me. I look up and smile. I kiss his cheek and then walk out of his room. "Hey babe!" I say. He walks out into the hallway and says "what baby?" He says. "You have to perform for me today. And not just you. everyone does."

He smiles then looks at the ground. I turn around and walk down into the living room. All the boys except for Ashton aren't there. I frown then go sit next to Calum. "Guess what guys?" I say to them. "What?" Michael and Calum say. "You guys have to perform for meee!" I scream. "What?" They ask. "Yeah. Luke told me how you guys play for holidays and stuff and he said you guys would perform today." I say. They both look at Luke and he half smiles.

"That's all he told you?" Calum said looking at me. "Yeah. What else would he tell me?" I ask. "Nothing babe. Why would I not tell you something important." He half laughs and looks at the guys. That was weird..what is he hiding? "Where is Ashton?" I ask. "Still sleeping." Michael says.

I stand up and run to his room. I jump on his bed and wake him up. "Wakey wakey!" I say. He turns over while me sitting on him. Making me fall over. He gets on top of me with his lips close to mine. It was very awkward. I mean I love Ashton and he's cute but in with Luke.

He gets up and walks out of his room. I then follow closing his door. I go back into the living room and explain what's going on with Ashton. He smiles.

They all go and get their instruments and mics. They set it up and all sit down. Ashton at the drums. Michael with the guitar. Calum with the bass. And Luke with the microphone and a guitar.

They start playing and it's incredible. It's sounds very familiar. Then I notice when Luke starts singing. They're who me and Ashton were listening to when Ashton drove me here.

They wouldn't be in a band and not tell me would they? Maybe that's why Luke's has been acting weird.

They finish and I smile. I decide not to say anything. I just want to see how long Luke will lie to me? I get up and give Luke a big hug and a kiss. "That was great baby!" I say. I hope I convince him.

Luke's point of view:

We finish the song and I look up nervously. She smiles big and gives me a hug and kiss. She didn't notice anything. "That was great baby!" She said. She doesn't know that we're actually a band. And I was worried.

Sam's point of view:

They put their instruments up and we all sit on the couch watching t.v. Luke's arms are around my waist. It feels nice. But I still can stop thinking about how he would lie to me.. Maybe we can go driving or something and I can ask Ashton to pay the song he played yesterday.

"Hey. I need to go home. Ashton can you take me home?" I ask him. "Luke do you want to come over?" I ask him too. I want him to be there when the song plays again. He nods "Yeah, sure I'll take you just give me 5 minutes." Ashton says. I nod and get up and go into the bathroom.

Luke's point if view:

Sam gets up and goes to the bathroom. "Guys I don't want her finding out about our band." I say. "Well that was real smart letting her hear us play now wasn't it." Calum says. "I know I fucked up there but she bought it. She thinks that we're just really good." I say. "She could be tricking you."

How would she know? What if she is tricking me? Whatever I don't care.

Sam's point of view.

I leave the bathroom and stand up and go into the living room. Ashton and Luke stand up. We go outside and get into Ashton's car. I sit in the front seat while Luke sits alone in the back. "Hey! Ashton you should play that song we listened to yesterday. That's the song you guys played today right?" I ask already knowing the answer is yes. "Yeah it is." He says "No! I don't want to listen to it. I'll get it stuck in my head." Luke says. "But Luke." I turn around and give him puppy eyes. "Pleaseee" I say "fine." He said quietly and slumps down. Ashton pushes a button and the song plays. I rock my head back and forth as it plays. As it's in the middle of the song I turn it down and talk. "This sounds so much like you guys." I say smirking but making sure no one sees it. "Thanks babe." He says laughing.

Ashton pulls into my drive way and says bye and leaves. Me and Luke walk into the house to hear silence. I don't think Amber's here. We sit on the couch. Luke doesn't talk and just looks down. "What's wrong babe?" I say looking at him. "I just feel like I'm doing everything wrong." He says not making eye contact. "Babe. Like what?" I say a little scared. "With us." He said. A tear falls down my cheek. "Are you breaking up with me?" I say silently. "No! I would never do that. I just have to tell you something major."he says I smile and nod.

"What is it baby?" I ask. "Okay. Me and the guys are in a band. We've been in one for a while." He says. "We're just not that popular." He says looking down. "I know babe." I whisper.

"You know?" He yells. "What do you mean you know?" He stands up. Ashton took me go your house yesterday and that song played. When you played for me today I noticed that it was you."I say. "I meant it when I said you were great." I add. He's pacing back and forth. I stand up and look at him. He looks at me and kisses me. Slow and passionate. "I love you." He says. I smile and kiss him. "Babe. I love you too!" I say. I kiss his lips then his neck to hear him moan. I smile and he throws me on the couch.

He gets on top of me and kisses me hard. He moves his hips making me want him more. He then moves his kisses to my neck. I moan louder and louder. "Luke!" I scream. He then slides my shirt off me. Then my bra. Then my pants. I start to take his shirt off when he stops me. He then takes my underwear off and kisses me. Then stops and looks at me. "Your turn." I say smiling about to take his shirt off. "Nope." He says. What? "What?" I ask him making sure I heard him right. "I told you I want to see you naked more often." He said smiling. I blush and cover myself up. "Oh really." He says. Then he starts tickling me. "No stop it Luke." I say. I then run up stairs butt ass naked. I run to my room. I wait to see Luke behind me with all of my clothes. I smile and kiss him.

I take his shirt off and look at him. "I'm still not having sex with you." He said smirking. I put on my underwear and just as I was about to put on my bra, Luke comes up and stares at them. "Stop Luke!" I say. He then looks at me and comes closer he kisses me and slides his tongue in my mouth and starts feeling my chest. I moan in pleasure. "Luke." I say. He laughs and gets up and walks away. "Quit doing that to me." I say. "Doing what?" He asks smirking.

I walk over to him and put my hand down his pants in his boxers. I start rubbing his dick until it gets hard. I take my hand out and walk out of my room. "Two can play at that game" I yell down the hallway. "But my sensation takes longer to get rid of. All it is for you is a feeling. You don't have to jerk off to make him go away." He says angrily.

I walk in there and give him a kiss and smile. "He'll live." I said pulling his hand downstairs.

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