Beside you


8. 8.

Me and Ashton were on our way to Luke's house. I feel bad for yelling at him. I guess I just thought that he didn't feel the same way. "Just so you know, Luke talks about you all the time!" Ashton said. I smiled. "He does?" I questioned. "Yeah. Like the way you laugh. Your smile. Everything. He really likes you." I blush and look down at my lap.

On our way there we just listened to music. I really liked this song. It's one of Ashton's cd's but I don't ask him who it is.

They sound incredible. The way the drums and the bass goes together. Then the singer comes on with the most sexy voice.

We stop at a huge house and Ashton looks at me. "Here we are." He says. "Are you gonna come?" I ask him. "No. This is your business." He says. "Okay." I turn around and open the door. "Oh and Ashton." He looks up "yes." He says. "Thank you." I say. He smiles "no problem." He replies.

I walk up the steps and see Ashton already left. I knock on the door. I hear shuffling. "Hold on." I hear in a groggy voice. I didn't think it was Luke.

The door opened and there stood Luke. His face was red and his hair a mess. He looked down at the ground. "Can I come in?" I say quietly. He moves to the side to make room for me.

I walk in and look around. It was so nice. It was dirty but it was huge. "Sorry for the mess." He said quietly. I turn around and face him. "Luke, I'm sorry. I overreacted." I said looking him in the eyes. "I should have called you." He said "Luke, it's my fault." I say. "No." He said.

I give him a hug and a tear fall down my cheek and on his chest. He pulls my face up and kisses me. "Babe, why are you crying?" He asked. "I didn't mean to hurt you." I said. He looked down and then up to my eyes. "Babe" he said to me. "What?" I said. "Kiss me." He said. I smiled.

I kissed him and it got intense. Our tongues were both fighting for dominance. We walked to the couch without breaking our kiss. He threw me down and pulled his shirt off. He started kissing again. He started kissing my neck. I moaned. He looked at me and smiled.

He pulled my shirt off and then my pants. I started tugging on his pants and he smiled. I started undoing them and pulled then off. Now we were both there panting in our underclothes. He looks at me, then my lips ,then my boobs. I laugh. "What are you laughing at?" He asks. "Nothing babe." I say. He gives me an evil look and starts tickling me. I start kicking him and I accidentally kick him off the couch.

There's my get away. I run up the stairs hearing him get up and start running. I run into the first room and shut and lock the door. He pounds on it not able to get it. I laugh. "Sam, let me in." He says sweetly. "No." I say. I then look around at the room. It was someone's bedroom. They have a queen size bed. I noticed that there were drum sticks in there bed. I shrugged and looked away.

I hear keys and the door unlocked. I turn around quickly and hide in the closet. "Sam, oh Sam! Where are you?" He asks while laughing. I giggle softly. "Oh I wonder who that was?" He says. He opens the door real fast and sees me. I smile. He picks me up and holds me.

He interlocks our fingers together and we walk out of the bedroom. We close the door and walk down the hallway. He opens the door to another bedroom. I walk in and look around. It's his room. There are so many posters. The only bands I seen were Green Day and Blink 182 until I was turned around.

I look at Luke and he looks me up and down. I noticed that were both still in our underclothes. "Can I have you?" He asks. "Of course." I say. He picks me up and carries me to the bed. He kisses me slowly. Then he kisses my neck. I let out a moan.

He then moves his hand down to my waist. I look at him. He moves his hand farther down resting on my lady part on top of my underwear. He then puts his hand down under my underwear and inside me. I let out a moan. While fingering me he kisses down my body. "Luke" I let out. He smiles. He is all the way down my body. He takes his finger out of me and let's me breath. He undoes my bra. I undo his boxers. He takes my underwear off. I stare at him. He looks up and down my body again.

He starts kissing me again. Then he enters me. Back and forth. Back and forth.

We finish and we're panting. I kiss his chest and kisses my forehead. He lay there for 10 minutes talking about small things when we hear a car door shut. We look at each other and get up. We out our underclothes and forget that our actual clothes were down stairs. He puts in some sweats and a shirt. He throws me a shirt and smiles. We run down stairs and get our clothes really fast. We pick them up and as we were walking out of the living room 3 guys walk in laughing.

I look at Luke and looks at them. The notice us standing there with our clothes and our hair messed up. "And that's why I didn't come in with you!" Ashton says. I blush and look down. The three boys laugh. Me and Luke go upstairs and back into his room. We sit on the bed and laugh a little. He kissed the side of my head.

"Can I get a tour of the house?" I ask Luke. "Of course." He says. "This is my room." He says. We go into the hallway and down to the next door. He opens it. "This is Calum's room." He said. I look at it's blue with a queen size bed. It has a desk and a notebook with a pen next to it. It has scribbles written on it but I can't read it.

We close that door and move to the next. "This is the bathroom." He said. It was cute. It had black walls and white tile floor. We shut that door and go to the other side if the hall to the next door. "Michaels room." He said. It was messy. There was pop cans all over the floor. His bed wasn't made and he had a guitar. Man they all have instruments. Weird.

Then we go to the last door that I hid in. This is Ashton's room. It was green. Clean. He had a computer and his queen size bed. We close the door and walk downstairs, Luke holding my hand. We go and sit down on the couch with the other boys. I sit on Luke's lap and he smiles. "That's the end of the tour." He said. "It's really nice." I say smiling.

"I'm hungry." Luke says. "You always are." Calum says. I get up and pull him in the kitchen. "What?" He asks. "You said your hungry. What do you want?" I ask. "A grilled cheese." He says. I smile and get the ingredients out. I start cooking it and run into the living room. "Do any of you want a grilled cheese?" I ask. They all raise their hands. So I'm making 4 okay.

"No! She's mine. She makes me food. And only me!" Luke says. I laugh. "I'm a cook, babe. Get used to it." I say. He frowns and walks into the kitchen with me. I continue making the grilled cheeses. Luke comes and grabs my hips. "Luke stop." I say. He then bites my ear. Then he kisses my neck making me moan. "Hey! She's making us food. Luke, quit trying to get her pregnant!" Ashton screams. I laugh and Luke blushes.

I finish making the food and bring it in for them. They all cheer and smile. I give everyone one and sit next to Luke. He pats his lap and I move onto his lap. "It's really good Sam." Michael says. "Thanks." I say. "Have a bite" Luke says. I bite into it and it was so cheesy. "That was hot." He whispers into my ear. "I know." I whisper back.

I take the plates and put them in the sink. I start rinsing them off. "You don't have to do that." Calum said coming into the kitchen to get a drink. "Yeah i do. I made the mess. I clean it up." I say. "Whatever." He said walking out. I finish and check the time.


I go into the living room and sit next to Luke. "Luke, I'm tired." I whisper in his ear. "Okay babe." He says standing up. "We're going to bed guys night!" He says holding his hand out for me. "Yeah sure, don't have to much fun!" Michael says winking at us. I yawn and flick them off.

We walk upstairs and lay down. "Luke?" I say. "Yeah baby?" He said "why are there instruments all in the house?" I ask.

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