Beside you


7. 7.

I wake up to no one with me. I forgot about last night until I looked down to see that I was naked. I get up and find my clothes and put them in the dirty pile. I take a shower and walk downstairs.

"Hey Sleepy Beauty." She said I smiled and sat down next to her. "Hey where are the boys?" I asked her. "They left by the time I got up. I don't have any messages or anything. Quite frankly I don't fucking know." She said a little upset. "You hungry?" I asked. "Yes."

We drive to Subway. We order, get out food and go sit down at a booth. We make small talk while we both eat our sandwiches. We were done with our food and we were just sitting there talking until two guys came up and sat with us. The one sitting next to me with brown hair and the one next to Amber with black.

"Hey babe!" He said putting his hand on my thigh. I slapped it away and he rubbed his hand in hurt. "You know that's domestic abuse." He said real serious. "Now what if I did that to you?" "You won't touch me." I said. He looked and scuffed. He closed his eyes and tried to kiss me . I pushed his face away. "You know what I think it's time to go. He said. I'll call you babe."

I looked at Amber confused. We decided that it was time to go. We throw our trash away and walk out the door. On the drive home I think about the Subway incident and just get even more stressed about why Luke just left and hasn't texted me at all. He's not cheating on me is he? Omg. I just realized that we had sex last night. I woke up and now he's gone. That's it. That's all he wanted. He didn't want a relationship. Why would I ever think that I would go out with a hot guy like that.

Me and Amber get home and watch cartoons.

2 hours later

I check the time and see that it's 2:00 pm. I then start thinking again about Luke not loving me. He just wanted me all for sex. Well that's what he got. I can't actually believe I was so stupid to think that we could be more. Yeah. He took my virginity.

While watching cartoons I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to hear talking. I fluttered my eyes open and feel that I'm cuddled up to someone. I look up and see Luke. I shake off of him and he looks confused. "Get away from me." I whisper and run into my room. I shut my door and bury my face into my pillow. I heard the door open and I feel a hand go onto my back.

"What did I do?" He asked. I laugh. "Yeah. We have sex and I wake up and your not here. I don't get a text nothing. Nothing." I say. "I'm so sorry babe. Me and Michael had to do something today." I cross my arms. "Like what?" I ask. "Things." He said. "I knew it. Your cheating on me. You don't even care about me. It was just sex to you wasn't? I fucking knew it. Why would I even get with you? You know what just fucking go." I scream. "But I love you." He whispered. "Yeah. I'm sure that's what you tell everyone."

Luke gets up and walks out my room. I look out my window and see he starts walking home. I then start breaking down. I cry into my pillow and into my knees all night long.

I walk downstairs 1 hour later. I didn't even notice that Michael and Ashton were here. I go and sit next to Ashton and cuddle with him. He whispers "what happened?" "Nothing." I lie. "I can tell when your lieing. And knowing that We heard screaming. Luke ran out the house in tears and you come down 1 hour later with your face all puffy and red. It doesn't seem like a good argument. Now why don't we go into your room and talk about it." "Okay." I whisper.

We get up and walk into my room. We both sit on my bed. I look at my hands. He brings my face up to his with his finger. "So what happened love?" He asked. "Luke's cheating on me." I said slow. "Why do you think that?" He asked me. "Because we had sex last night and I woke up and he wasn't here and I didn't get a text or anything. Ashton, I really liked him." I said whimpering. "Luke's not cheating on you. Him, me, Michael, and Calum all hung out. We have a no phone rule for Luke. If not that's all he does. So don't think that he doesn't like you. He actually cares a lot about you." He said to me. I smiled and then hugged Ashton the biggest hug.

I then felt really bad for yelling at Luke. "Ashton?" I ask. "Mhmm." He said. "Where does Luke live?" He smiled. "We all live together. I'll take you there." I smiled.

We downstairs and see that Michael and Amber were making out. I coughed and they looked up. "Me and Ashton are gonna go driving. Kay? Bye." I said smiling. They both said okay and we left.

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