Beside you


6. 6.

Amber point of view-

Michael dragged me into the kitchen bye my arm. "Oww." I say. He releases it and brings it up to his lips and places a soft kiss on it. I blushed lightly. He looked at the ground. "Can I ask you a question?" He says looking up. "You just did." I say softly giggling. He pulled me in for a kiss. It was long and soft. He put his hands in my waist and I put mine on his neck. we broke from the kiss and he whispers "will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course." I reply without any hesitation. He gently kisses me again. We break apart and smile. We both walk into the living room hand and hand, smiling.

Sam's point of view-

Michael and Amber both walk hand and hand into the living room with big smiles. I wink at her and she nodds. I giggle to myself. "What are you laughing about?" Luke whispered into my ear in a sexy tone. "Nothing" I said while smiling. "Well then don't tell me."

He said while moving his arms down to my waist. He suddenly start tickling me. I squirm around all of the couch hitting and kicking everyone."ppplease jjust sstop!" I keep on stuttering. Luke just giggled and kept on tickling me. "LUKE!" I scream at the top of my lungs. He stopped tickling me and started laughing. I playfully hit him.

I get up and go into the kitchen and get some chips. I go into the living room and literally everyone eats them. "Really guys?i got these for me, myself, and I!" I yell. Making everyone laugh. They all continued to eat them.

Ashton got up and said "well you two are probably staying the night and I need to go so bye." I get up and give him a hug. He goes out the door and I go sit on Luke's lap.

"I hate you." He says. "But I have barely done anything. I haven't even moved around at all." I said while smirking. "Please don't." He said not fast enough. I start basically giving him a lap dance. Good thing Michael and Amber were so caught up in each other they didn't see anything.

"Well we're gonna go to bed." They said. "Night." Me and Luke said at the same time. "You know we should probably go to bed to." He whispered while smirking. I looked him in the face. "Oh yeah. So we could do this?" I say while rubbing his jeans. He looked up at me. He suddenly whipped around so that he was now on top of me. "You can't keep teasing me like this." He said. I giggled. He started kissing my neck until I let out a moan. He started sucking down and giving me no mercy. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him.

He walked me upstairs to my room. He layed me down and slowly got on top of me. He looked at me with a questioning look. I nodded and he took off his shirt. He took mine off as well. I undid my jeans and he slowly pulled them off. He took his jeans off and we were both in our underclothes.

He unhooked my bra and it fell to the ground. He took off his boxers and slowly started taking my underwear off. He slowly got on top of me kissing my neck. Making me moan. "I don't want to hurt you." He said. I looked at him and said "babe, give it to me!" He giggled and slowly entered.

He gradually picked up the speed. After 10 minutes. He rolled over and was panting. I giggled and said "I think your getting out of shape." He looked at me and said "whatever. Maybe your moaning was hurting my ear." I blushed looking away. "I'm kidding beautiful."

He called me beautiful. No ones ever called me beautiful except for my ex who was abusive. He only said it to have sex but we never did.

Luke was actually my first. I know understand why people crave it. Especially with Luke. I mean he was gentle and then made me feel like I was a professional.

I cuddled into Luke's chest thinking. His arms were wrapped around me. I think he was asleep. I heard slight snores. He was so cute asleep. I kissed his cheek and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

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