Beside you


5. 5.

It was now 4. I went upstairs to take a shower. I come out 20 minutes later. I dried myself. I put on a cute purple shirt with white pants. I curled my hair and put a white bow in it. I put light eyeliner on and mascara. I put on my colorful Toms.

I walk downstairs to see Amber wearing a pink flowery dress with a denim jacket. She straightened her hair. She cat eyed her eyeliner and put on mascara. She had light pink lipgloss on.

"Hey! Well don't you look sexy!" I said to her. "Thanks and you don't look so bad yourself." I smiled and asked her what the time was. She told me "5:32" "well then we need to go."

We get in her car and drive to the candy store. We grab like every kind of candy! M&ms, skittles, twizzlers, snickers bites, and some other stuff.

We leave the store and go to the theater. We meet the boys there and put the candy in my purse. I walked over to Luke and grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers. We all got our tickets but Luke bought mine. He considered it our first date. I smiled real big and we walked into the theater room. Me and Luke sat with each other and everyone sat right next to us. The movie started and Luke whispered in my ear "what candy did you bring?" I smiled and told him "m&m's, skittles, twizzlers, and snickers bites." I said.

He looked at me then the bad and said "twizzler." I put one in his mouth and chewed the other side until our lips met. We had a makeout session for like 10 minutes.

The movie ended up ending and it was great. We all headed back to our cars and Amber and me went in herAs we were heading back I asked her. "So are you and Michael dating?" "Well, he hasn't asked me." She said a little disappointed. "What about you Luke?" She said with a smirk. I blushed and said "well, he asked me today and I said yes." "Did you and Michael do the nasty?" I winked at her. She blushed. "I knew it!" I screamed. "It was just a one time thing." She said. "Not if you two date." I say. "Yeah, yeah" she said.

We arrive home with three boys right behind us. Michael, Luke, and Ashton. We all walk in the door and Michael and Amber immediately go into the kitchen. Me, Luke, and Ashton go sit on the couch and watch t.v.

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