Beside you


3. 3.

Me and Amber got home and she couldn't stop texting Michael. I looked up at her and told her to invite them all over. Her eyes widened and she texted him and within 3 minutes he said he'll be over with his boys and 1 other. I tidied up the house a little even though it was mostly clean. I have a phobia where is something is dirty it drives me crazy. So I clean just about everyday. I eventually finished and went us stairs to fix my hair and makeup. After it looked decent I went downstairs for about 10 minutes until I heard a knock on the door. Amber got up to open the door and let all the boys in. We all sat down. I sat in between Luke and Ashton. Ashton sat next to Amber, who sat next to Michael, who sat next to a new boy. I piped up and said "what's your name?" "Calum" he replied. I smiled and stood up. "Does anybody want anything to drink?" I ask. "Yeah. Get some beer." Amber said. As I was about to walk out, Luke stood up and walked to the kitchen with me. I smiled at him as he took my hand in his. I blushed a little but thankfully he couldn't see it. We grabbed the whole carton and brought it in there living room where we all were. As we were about to enter the living room, Luke grabs me by the waist and pulls me close to him. Making his hot breath hit me. He released me and we walked back into the living room.

We all had at least three beers. I eventually ended up sitting on Luke's lap by the end of the night. I got up to go to the bathroom when pulled me down. I got out of his grasp and walked down the hallway. I stopped when I heard moaning. I walked right back into the living room looking around to see Michael and Amber gone. Luke then noticed me standing there and he pulled me upstairs into the first room there was. He threw me on the bed and got on top of me. I looked at him a little worried. I looked at his lips and he started kissing me roughly. He then started kissing my neck trying to find my sweet spot. He eventually found it and began sucking on it. I moaned really load without intention. He got off me and lead me downstairs. We walked into the living room again and he checked the time and it read 3:00 am. He asked if they could just stay over and I told him yes. Michael and Amber will obviously share a room, either Ashton or Calum can sleep in the guest room while the other sleeps on the couch. I was really tired and dragged Luke upstairs. I pulled him in my room and changed into my pjs. "Sorry I don't have any jammies" I giggled. He pulled me close and said "I won't need any tonight" he winked. I pulled the covers up and got under them. I watched as Luke did the same thing. I was facing him and he started kissing me. He glided his tongue across my lips asking for entrance which I gladly excepted. We were both exploring each other's mouths when he started rubbing his hands on and down my thighs. I stopped kissing and backed away. "I'm sorry but I barely know you" I said. "Okay. I'm sorry." He said sounding genuine. We cuddled each other until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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