Beside you


2. 2.

We and Amber decide to go to the mall. We walk in the doors and walked to the food court. We chose our table and I walked up to the pizza line. I waited for a little bit then ordered. I got three sausage pizzas. I payed and turned around. I noticed three other people sitting at our table. A red haired guy. A boy with brownish hair wearing a bandana. Then lastly, a guy with blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, and a lip ring. He was perfect. I went to sit down and gave Amber her pizza. I took a bite of mine and looked around awkwardly. Someone tapped my shoulder and I looked over. It was the boy with the bandana and big dimples. He smiled real big "hi my names Ashton! What's your name?" He asked. "Samantha" I replied. "That's a beautiful name" he said. I blushed and looked down. "Thank you" I said looking up. He smiled real big and put his hand on my thigh. I blushed a little bit. I looked at the boy with red hair and asked "what's your name?" "Michael" he said with a cute smile. I turned to my right and looked at the boy with a lip piercing. "And yours?" He looked up and replied with a cute smile "Luke" I smiled and chuckled a bit and looked down to notice Ashton's hand on my thigh and he looks at Ashton a little angry. I asked for his phone. He gave it to me and I put my number in. I took a cute picture and gave him his phone back. I gave him my phone and we all did the same thing. We all got up to go and everyone gave everyone hugs. I hugged Michael. Then Ashton which was for like 2 minutes. Then lastly, Luke which was slow and peaceful and held my hips and I held his back. We pulled apart and we all left.

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