Daddy where are you?

Anna was depress and she is suicidal since her dad and mom had separated, her stepfather is an abusive man. Who Anna's hero would to safe her?


4. Why are you crying, daddy?

My daddy was crying, I didn't know why was he crying since I was here. The doctors told my daddy, mommy, Arianna, and Maria that it was to late, and that the bullet hit my heart. I was a spirit forever. Daddy was on the ground, yelling at god that why did he take me away? I want to be in my body again, so, I went into my body. Then the machine was beeping again, the nurse ran out of my room and she said" doctor, Lucy came back to life, hurry," my daddy, mommy, big sister Arianna, Maria, and the doctors were rushing in my room. Daddy was crying and saying" baby, you're safe now, he gone to jail for life," I said" daddy, I missed you and it's hurts so much, daddy, please, don't leave us again." Mommy and daddy were looking at each other and he said" I'm sorry, baby, but I'm not coming home, I hope we can see each other." 

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