Daddy where are you?

Anna was depress and she is suicidal since her dad and mom had separated, her stepfather is an abusive man. Who Anna's hero would to safe her?


2. What will me, mommy, and my big sisters?

The police took me to my house, then Robert saw the police car, and saw them taking out of their car. He said" Lucy, my little girl, did something happen to her?"  The officer said" this is stepdaughter, is that correct, sir?" He said" yes, this is my stepdaughter," he grabbed me by my arm, and I tried to get away from but he wouldn't let go. Then I said" let me go, you're hurting me," the police officer took me away from him. Then he took out of knife. Robert cut the officer on the leg. I ran to police car and grabbed the 36 caliber, then I started to aim the gun at Robert. The neighbors called the police and the police rush to my house, they saw me holding the gun and Robert with the knife, the officer that was on the ground said" Lucy, sweetheart, put the gun please," I said" I want my daddy now, but I want this bastard to suffer like I did when he hurt," I started to cry then my big sisters and my daddy saw me with the gun in my hands, then my daddy yelled my name. I turned around, then Robert grabbed me by the neck and said" if you want your daughter, then come and get her," he started to kiss my neck.

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