Daddy where are you?

Anna was depress and she is suicidal since her dad and mom had separated, her stepfather is an abusive man. Who Anna's hero would to safe her?


3. I heard gunshot

I heard gunshots and I saw blood on my hand, then I collapsed, I was blacking out, was I going to die? I remember that there was so much blood on my hands and my daddy's hands, I knew that it will be over that I was going to die at a really young age. Daddy said" baby, stay with me, come on stay me please, baby girl, por favor." I couldn't then I saw that my body on the hospital bed, I was dead but the doctors and nurses were doing CPR on me then I was going back into my body. I said" daddy, where is my daddy?" The doctor said "he's outside, I need you to not close your eyes, okay," I tried but I couldn't, then I was leaving my body again but I was wondering in the hallways, where my daddy, my big sisters, and my mommy. But they couldn't see at all, I started to cry then I saw a light. I thought I was going to be gone forever and I won't see the family nor daddy.

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