Daddy where are you?

Anna was depress and she is suicidal since her dad and mom had separated, her stepfather is an abusive man. Who Anna's hero would to safe her?


1. Where are you, daddy?

My name is Lucy Alvarez, I don't know where is my daddy, I didn't see him after school or at home, then I asked mama and she said" your father had left you, your sisters, and me," I didn't want to believe her but it was true, she was telling the truth, he didn't came back. Mama got remarried to man, his name is Robert Tyler, at first I thought he was funny but he wasn't because he would hit my mommy in front of me while my big sisters were at school. I need someone to help me, my sisters, and my mommy. 3 years passed, one night, Robert went into my room, he was touching me all over. I wanted to scream but he threaten me that he would take me the basement.The next day, I went to school, the teacher wanted to see after class, she said"Lucy, sweetheart, I would to talk to you about your homework, you didn't do it all, is everything okay at home?" I said" everything is okay home, I promise I'll do my homework," she said" that what you said the last time, we had little this discussion about you work, can you take that hat of, please?" I nodded no, then she took it off and she saw the bruises and busted lips that I got from Robert. She called the police and they came in the classroom, the officer said"honey, can you tell me how you got this bruises?" I nodded because I want to help my mommy and my big sisters. 

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