Twisted Love


1. Chapter One

It was 5:30 a.m. I lay in my bed and listened to my breath. The sun lighted in my room. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked around and sighed.

“A beautiful day for an ugly school day.” I said and smiled sadly. I stood up and took my clothes on. Then I grabbed my bag and hopped down the stairs.

“Good morning, sweetie! Do you wanna eat your breakfast today?” My mom asked while she checked out the plan for her day.

I shook my head and walked out of the front door. The summer air was warm. I tried to make myself believe, that this was going to be a wonderful day. Not easy in such a school.

“Merida! Wait up!” I turned around to my best friend. He smiled at me.

“Hey Michael, how is 5SOS going?” I asked and grabbed his hand he was reaching out to me. We always were holding hands so everyone thought we’re together. Well, I can tell we’re not.

“Like every day. Luke is freaking out all the time.” He stopped at a traffic light and pushed the button.

“Listen, maybe we should go out tonight. To the cinema. Just you and me?!” I said and smiled.

“Sure I will pick you up at six.” Michael was so cute. But I never told him. He pulled me fast across the street even though it wasn’t green yet.

“Michael, you can’t just run across the street!” I said laughing. He stopped and turned around. He suddenly seemed to come closer. I already felt his hot breath on my skin. He closed his eyes and got closer with every second. I also closed my eyes. Hit lips hit mine. He moved them. I did the same.

When we heard a voice behind us we stumbled back.

“Girls, look at that ugly bitch. Does Glasses-Meridchen have a boy? Don’t try to be together with him just because you wanna seem cooler.”

It was Elena. She was the most popular, prettiest girl at our school. And I hated her so bad.

“Go away!” Michael yelled at her, and pushed me behind his back. It was the right situation to cry. I rested my head against his back. Tears started to run down my cheeks.

Michael turned around. That’s when I fell down onto the ground.

Elena was, of course, laughing about me. Her three other friends locked at me in shock and bursted into laughter too.

Michael helped me up and walked with me in his arms along the sidewalk to the school.

“YOU WILL SEE BITCH!” Elena yelled.


When we arrived in school we saw Luke, Ashton, and Collum. They looked at us in shock.

“What happened?” Luke asked and grabbed my hand. Michael held the other one. The five boys were my only friends.

“Elena and her bitches happened.” Michael said. He stroke across my back and that was the moment when I asked myself if he would tell his friends later that we had kissed.

My tears stopped when I saw that my sleeves were rolling up. My arm showed up a row of bloody scars. The boys followed my eyes.

“Why did you do that again?” Michael said. He suddenly seemed weak.

“I…” I started but got interrupted by him.

“You promised us you’d stop! And I fucking kissed you.” He left us and stormed into the school.

My knees gave up. Luke pulled me into a tight embrace. “It’s okay, he will calm down. Just give him some time.”

“He…I am so stupid…It’s hurting…Badly.” I stuttered.

“I know…But Meri, look, you have to stay strong. You will see, at the end of the day, he’ll…”

“We wanted to go to the cinema today night. I can forget that.” I buried my face in his shirt. He smelled so good. ‘No you love Michael, not Luke.’

Luke stroke through my hair.  We stood there for twenty minutes. Suddenly the door bell rang. “I have to go to sport. We will see us at lunch. And Meri?” Luke said. His arms were still wrapped around my waist.

“Yes?” I asked while Luke wiped my tears away.

“Stay strong. No one should see you like this.” He got closer with his face. Suddenly his lips hit mine.

I held my breath. ‘Is this really happen?’ I stumbled back.

“Luke, look…” I started.

“We’ll see later…Bye…Meri, I love you.” He didn’t wait for an answer. He started to run in.

I went to my class. No one seemed to see me so it was the first time I was happy to be not noticed.


I sat alone at a table in the cafeteria. I waited for my best friends. Luke was the first one that was coming. He sat down next to me and gave me a long kiss. I shook my body. I was freezing and this morning in forgot my jacket.

“Are you freezing? You can have my jacket.” Luke said and lay down his jacket on my shoulders. I smiled at him as if I wanted to say ‘thank you’.

The next one that was coming was Collum. He lay down his tray and sat down in front of us.

“I don’t understand my teacher, first she say ‘we do the trip’ and today she suddenly say ‘we can’t do it. I fucking hate her.” While he said that he made funny faces, so I had to laugh out. I realize that Luke’s arm was lying around my shoulders.

I looked at Ash that sat down too. “Hey, where’s Mickey?” He asked while he started to eat his lunch.

I shrugged and looked sad down on my hands. I was the only one that wasn’t eating.

I didn’t eat for nearly two weeks. I just drank water, or vodka.

Luke realized it and looked at me. “Baby, why you’re not eating?”

I shrugged once again and felt the tears running down my cheeks.

Luke pulled me closer. Then he stood up and pulled me out of the school to the courtyard.

When we arrived he turned around to me and tried to smile. But he failed miserably. “What is wrong?”

“What should be wrong?” I saw hurt in his eyes.

“You cut yourself, you’re not eating… Honey, why are you doing this to you?”

My eyes turned to face the floor. Luke grabbed my face and kissed me.

“Luke?!” I asked and pulled back.

“Yes?” He smiled happily. ‘Am I such a good kisser?’ I thought.

“Are we together?” We stood still and did nothing. Suddenly he nodded. “I wish we are. Do you want to?” I didn’t know what to do so I just nodded. He smiled fat.

“I love you.” He said and kissed me once again.

“I love you too, Luke.” I wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me hot. I smiled under his lips.

The final bell rang. “What class do we have now?” Luke asked.

“Chemistry, I guess.” We both started to smile.

“Guessing isn’t that what we need.” Luke snapped some strands out of his face.

His hand slid across my cheek. He kissed me at my neck. I grabbed in his hair. With his free hand he pulled me closer. ‘Is he trying to make me hot?’ A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. I felt a rush of feelings. First I tried to suppress it, but then I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled him through the field that was beside the courtyard.

“What are we…” I interrupted Luke with a hot kiss. He started to realize and pulled my shirt over my head. I sat down on the ground and waited till he did the same. Suddenly he lay down on me. To my misery I felt his dick. I spread my legs and pulled down his jeans.

“What if someone sees us?” I asked and breathed hard while his fingers slid down into my jeans.

“No one will see us.” He was so totally hot for me. I defently felt that. He took my jeans and my panties off.

“What the fuck do you think is this school?” I looked into the evil eyes of the principal. She pulled Luke up.

                                                               END OF CHAPTER ONE

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