Remake of Kingdom Keepers!


3. their little "chat"

After they found the Fob which was always their mission the 1st night, they returned back to their beds at 3:00am. At 6:00am Amanda went in Ashley's and Charlene's room (all the keepers had each other's room key in case of an emergency) clearly ticked off with the two of them. She turned on their light and started to begin the lecture

"Listen up you two, Finn is mine if you can't already tell. Just back off he'll never like you as more as a FRIEND! When are y'all gonna get that, y'all saw him hold my hand and give me a peck on the check! Well anyways that was all bye-bye!"

Ashley started talking after she left "She acts wore than Maleficent! She's a little bi-"

She got cut off by Amanda, she always listen to convo after she started something "Excuse you but you may not talk about me like that ever again!"

Her adopted sister Jess shared a room with her. She was impressed because Amanda never stood up for herself after she was told about the incident. Amanda knew someone would have to get along with who she called the "MBFG" which meant Mean Best Friends Group or else 1 or more kingdom keepers could and would get fired.

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