Remake of Kingdom Keepers!


1. The Morning

It was the morning where Ashley and Charlene, the best of friends, were going to Walt Disney World. They were so excited because this would be their 11th time going! But there was a catch, they had to model as DHI's (Disney Host Interactive) with the rest of the group. Willa, Finn, Philby, Amanda, Jess and Maybeck. Those last 6 people were just being updated. But little did Ashley and Charlene know what was so important about being a DHI.

* * *

They arrived at Disney World at about 10:00am . They meet what was called The Kingdom Keepers group which they would soon be in. After they arrived and modeled for the projector Ashley and Charlene were told what would be to happen every night as soon as there holograms were programed. After they go to sleep every night they cross over to one of the Disney parks and spy, battle or figure out a puzzle they had made for them. They were the bad guys, the OTs (Over takers).

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