Remake of Kingdom Keepers!


4. Finns feels terrible

Charlene told Finn about the incident that happened earlier that morning. He said

"OMG did I really led y'all on?"

"I'm afraid so" knowing perfectly well that from the beginning that Ananda and Finn were a couple she was just trying to get rid of competition.

Finn impressed with himself because he never had girls like him except for Amanda. "Well maybe I could make it up to you guys by all of us having dinner at Be Our Guest with Elsa and Anna."

"How would you get them to come?"

"Well we are basically cast members so I'm sure I can work something out."

"OK!!" She practically screamed.

* * *

He told Amanda that he was going to dinner with the MBFG and she started sobbing. She knew that over time they would come out with the prize she wanted…Finn. He felt terrible but Charlene wanted to make him jealous so she was going to pull a couple of strings to make that happen!

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