Remake of Kingdom Keepers!


2. An encounter with an OT

The first night they all went to the Pop Century food court eat dinner, and all went up to their rooms on floor 3. But they had no clue on the "people" who booked the entire 4th floor. So after they went to sleep they crossed over to MK (Magic Kingdom) they saw Maleficent there right in front of them, she was waiting for them in hour in front of the castle.

"You all know y'all are nothing but foolish children, correct?" asked Maleficent.

"Oh Maleficent, you know nothing about us other than we are here to stop you and your friends and guess what good always win!" Finn the leader of the group said.

"Or for now that is because we will rule the Disney parks one day!" Said Maleficent right before she disappeared.

Ashely asked,"Does that usually happen?!" Finn replied by saying "Yes" Amanda annoyed with Ashely because she could tell that she was flirting with Finn and he was flirting with her. Amanda tried to change the subject "Don't we need to look for the Fob?" "Fob?"said a confused yet interested Charlene. "A fob is something that returns us so we don't get stuck in Sleeping Beauty Syndrome where we are look into our holograms" "Oh well Finn could you explain it better?" "Sure Charile," A nickname already! Oh come on! Calm down, hopefully an OT will kill both of them! Thought Amanda "Um well actually I can't explain it better that Amanda!" Both girls were upset that he complimented her and not them but Amanda blushed, and Finn blushed back.

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