You may not survive if you have sex. You may not survive if you drink or do drugs. You may not survive if you say "I'll be right back", "Hello?" or "Who's there?" Lucky one person hasn't. Yet.


1. DIE.

The mask was taken off. "Bec?!" Sydney asked shocked.
"That's right." Bec answered.
"But why? You killed so many people-" Sydney started.
"It wasn't all me." She smiled as Sydney got grabbed from behind. A hand covered her mouth whilst she screamed. "Hello Sydney." The voice said. It was Max. "Now Sydney." Bec paused. "I hope this knife is sharp enough to cut through you."  Bec looked up at Max. "Hold her still." She ordered him. Max was already clenching her hands behind her back, covering her mouth and holding her down. She kept on struggling but all it did was make it worse. "Ready?" Bec asked Max. He nodded. Sydney started crying as the blade had gone into her. She was screaming behind Max's bloody hand. Bec slowly pulled the knife away. "Oh. I'm sorry. Did that hurt?" She asked sarcastically. Max started laughing, he removed his hand from Sydney's mouth. 
"Why do you wanna kill me?" Sydney asked whilst tears ran down her face. 
"Do you know what it's like growing up with you in my family?" Bec asked. "It's hell. All you hear is Sydney did this and Sydney did that." 
"I'm sorry if me being the main victim in a planned murder was crap for you. But for me, I can assure it was way worse. Especially as it happened three times."   
"No one has actually managed to kill you. But guess what? That's not gonna happen this time." Bec told Sydney as she stared hard into her bright blue eyes. Max got Sydney up on her feet whilst holding up a gun to her head. "Walk." Max told her. She followed their orders and walked through to the lounge that had already been turned into a blood bath. All of her friends where laying dead on the floor. Some stabbed, taken a bullet to the head, strangled and drowned. Sydney got pushed onto the ground whist she held her stab wound. "Is this really all this is about?" Sydney asked looking up at them. 
"You don't get famous by being talented or winning awards and achieving stuff, you just need some crazy messed up shit happen to you." Bec told Sydney.
"It Ain't all it's cracked up to be." Sydney told them seeming sarcastic. 
"I don't give a shit." Bec told them.
"Why are YOU doing this?" Sydney asked Max. Max went over to Bec and kissed her. "Ain't it obvious? Were partners in crime." Sydney looked disgusted. Max went over to the storage cupboard. He pulled out one of the only friends Sydney thought had got away. "Taylor!" Sydney asked shocked. She was cut, bruised and crying. "Everyone just dies around you don't they Sydney? Angle of death." 
"And now. Watch her die." Max told Sydney.
"No. Please don't hurt her. It's me you hate so just kill me and let her go." Sydney pleaded. "But that's no fun." Bec smiled. 
"Come on. You've had your fun-" Sydney told them.
"No. It's only just beginning." Bec smiled as she stabbed Taylor in the stomach. "You bitch!" She shouted.
"Oh, I know." She stabbed her again. 
"Stop please!" Taylor shouted but it was to late her blood had surrounded her and she was coughing it up. "I'm sorry." Sydney told her as she fell into an eternal sleep that she would never awake from. "Now. Now the fun bit." She looked at Sydney. "it wasn't my fault that you got sick of hearing my name!" Sydney shouted.
"And now you have to go through all of this." Bec told Sydney as she ran the knife through her brown hair.


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