You may not survive if you have sex. You may not survive if you drink or do drugs. You may not survive if you say "I'll be right back", "Hello?" or "Who's there?" Lucky one person hasn't. Yet.


5. DIE *continued*

"You'll make a mistake, they always do." Sydney told them.

"Fat chance." Sydney's cell went off again. Bec answered it using her voice changer. "Talk." Bec tried to make it seem as if it was actually Sydney. 

"Hello? Who's talking?" From what it sounded like it was one of the police officers who Sydney said would phone round about now. "This is Sydney." Bec said. "No your not. Where's Sydney?" Max quickly came over with duck tape and started tying Sydney to a chair. "Well. At the moment she's tied up." 
"Who are you?" - It seemed like a stupid question. Who was going to reveal themselves? "Im the person who's going to slit her throat!" Bec shouted at the phone just before she threw it on the ground. "Now. Where were we?" Bec asked coming closer to Sydney. 

"When did you become like this?" Sydney asked Bec and Max.
"Ever since you where alive." Bec answered. 
"There's something wrong with you. Both of you."
"Well, your death was planned over a month ago. I do believe you've over stayed your welcome." Max told her.
"No. You've just watched one to many scary movies." Sydney told them.
"It wouldn't be the first time someone's done something like it." Max answered.
"And it wouldn't be the first time it's got outta' hand either." Sydney added.
"Oh. Look Max, the brat has finally caught on!" Bec said in an high pitched voice.
"If anyone here is a brat then it's you." Sydney told Bec.
"Be careful dear. Don't let your bad language get out of hand, it won't get you anywhere." Bec said admiring her knife. 
"You'll regret this soon enough. Both of you." There was no answer.

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