You may not survive if you have sex. You may not survive if you drink or do drugs. You may not survive if you say "I'll be right back", "Hello?" or "Who's there?" Lucky one person hasn't. Yet.


4. Chapter 3- truth or dare?

"Speechless huh?" The voice asked. "No surprise really, I knew you wouldn't have an answer." 
"Why are you doing this?" Sydney asked.
"You'll soon find out." There was silence for a few seconds. "Can you see me?" They asked. 
"No." Sydney answered  looking around. 
"Good." They quickly answered.
"So. What game are we gonna play this time?" Sydney asked frustrated. 
"Truth or dare." 
"I'm alright thanks." Sydney told them.
"Do have to remind you again that I'm armed and that you will do anything I say anyway? Truth or dare?"
"Truth." Sydney answered.
"Tell me. Are you scared?" They asked.
"Yes." She said regretting it. "Truth or dare?"
"Dare." They answered.
"Come out where I can see you." They suddenly came out from the lounge,  mask and all. "You get a dare now Sydney. That's the rules." Sydney gulped and just stared at the tall black figure. "Come right up to me." 
"Do you think I'm stupid?!" They quickly held up a gun. 
"Do I have to ask twice?" Sydney slowly walked up to them, less that a foot away.

"Your go now. Who are you?" 

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