You may not survive if you have sex. You may not survive if you drink or do drugs. You may not survive if you say "I'll be right back", "Hello?" or "Who's there?" Lucky one person hasn't. Yet.


3. Chapter 2 - alone.

"Now Sydney." The police officer said. "Tell me what happened." 
"Um. Well, I got a phone call just as I was going downstairs on my cell. They kept on asking 'who's this?' And when I kept on questioning it they finally said 'I want to know who I'm looking at.' And then they wanted to play a game and the question was 'which door am I standing at?' I answered with the patio door but I got it wrong and I heard a door open. I then tried to get out of the house but they obviously already locked the door ready for me to be trapped. When I managed to get out of the house I ran down the road when suddenly I found Abbey and then a car came and they disappeared, then we came here. Oh, and the person was in a Halloween costume and had a knife that they threatened me with."  Sydney said it fast trying to believe it was a bad dream. 
"Ok. Do you have the phone they called you on." The officer asked.
"I think I dropped it in my house." Sydney answered still shaking.
"And did you recognise their voice?" 
"No. It was like a robot voice as if they where using a voice changer." He nodded as he jotted down notes.
"What was his mask and costume like?" He asked.
"Um. All black and the face was white and the mouth of it was as if it was screaming." Sydney told him.

Sydney picked up her mobile "yup." She said as she answered.
"Someone's in the house." Bec told her. Bec was her sister but Sydney moved out a coupe of months ago and was now living back with her sister. "Aren't you downstairs?" Sydney asked.
"Yeah." Bec whispered. 
"I'm coming." Sydney told her as she ran downstairs to find Bec waiting for her with a scared look on her face. "Where did you see them?" Sydney asked looking around. "Over there." Bec whispered pointing to the lounge. Sydney was just about to look when the her cell rang. "Sorry I'm gonna have to call you back this isn't a good time-" Sydney was interrupted.
"Oh I know that." It was that voice again.
"Who is it?" Bec asked putting her ear up to the phone. Sydney didn't answer. 
"Leave us alone." Sydney told them.
"No." They answered plainly. "I'm already in your house I'm not going to give up now. Tell me. Where's your sister?" They asked. 
"She's right-" Sydney looked over her shoulder. Bec was gone. "What have you done?" 
"I haven't done anything. Your sister abandoned you. Your alone." 

This had been going on for months and most of her friends and family where dead including her parents, and Abbey. "Look. I'm sick of this." Sydney told them.
"You probably are. But what are going to do about it?" The question went right through her- what was she going to do?  

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