You may not survive if you have sex. You may not survive if you drink or do drugs. You may not survive if you say "I'll be right back", "Hello?" or "Who's there?" Lucky one person hasn't. Yet.


2. Chapter 1- how it started.

"Talk." Sydney said as she answered her mobile. 
"Who this?" The voice said.
"You called me." She paused for a breath. "You must have a wrong number. Bye." She put down the phone and rolled her eyes. "I hate people that do that." She was about to go downstairs when her ringtone went off again. 
"Talk." She started walking downstairs. 
"Who's this?" The voice asked again.
"A more impatient version of the girl you where just talking to." She told them.
"Why did you call me again?" She asked.
"I wanted to say sorry." They told her.
"Ok......thank you. Bye" 
"Wait." The voice told her.
"What is it?" She asked.
"What's your name?" They asked.
"Why do you wanna know my name?" 
"Because I wanna know who I'm looking at." Her heart stopped.
"What did you say?" She asked. They didn't reply. "You've had your fun. I'm going." 
"Hang up and I'll gut you like a fish." Sydney was shaking. 
"What do you want?" She asked, her voice trembling. 
"I just want to play a game." 
"What game?" 
"Which door am I standing at?"  The voice asked. She didn't reply. "There's the front door, the patio door and the kitchen door. Pick." 
"What happens if I get it wrong?" Sydney asked scared for an answer.
"I have a knife." The voice told her. She caught his drift.
"Please. Can't you just leave me." 
"That's no fun." She was told. 
".......the patio door." She answered slowly.
"Wrong." She heard a door open. The kitchen door. 

"Shit." She whispered as she dropped the phone. She ran to the patio door only to find it was locked from the outside. She heard footsteps Coming closer to her. "Come out where I can see you." She told them trying to seem confident. No answer and no sign of movement. She tried to find something to defend herself with but all she could find was the remote control. She felt someone breathing on her neck. She was to scared to turn around, I wouldn't blame her. "Hello. Sydney." 
"How do you know my name?" She asked as she turned around to see a person in a mask. "I told you. It's a game." 
"What does that mean?" She asked whilst staring into the dark black eye holes of the mask. "Exactly that." The masked person held up their knife, which they mentioned before, and used their hand to take the blood off of it. Sydney was startled by it and quickly ran to the front door. She found that it was hard to open when your trying to get out quickly and lost her some time. "Help!!" She cried. "Help!!" She repeated but there was no sign of help coming from any direction. "Sydney?" Her friend Abbey shouted. Sydney was to out of breath to be able to answer. They where still chasing her until a small mini came along the road and they fled. "Are you alright?!" She asked worried.
"I think so." She answered trying to catch her breath. "There was a person in a mask chasing me with a knife-" 
"Take it easy." Abbey said as Sydney still breathed deeply. "Anyway the police station is just down the road. Come on." 
Sydney kept on looking behind scared of suddenly being stabbed in the back and killed on the side of a road. But her friend Abbey doubted that. 

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