Beyond Enclosure

Our country has always been split in two - the lefties and the righties. Whilst people go around using this to describe the hand they write with, it's different for us. Because those two words mean more than you could ever imagine. // A story about the power of love in a society where differences aren't accepted.


3. Chapter Two

One month ago


Ducked behind the pile of dust, I had watched. I could almost see the electricity bouncing off the wire fence, simmering into the air around it, electrocuting anything that came in contact. The wall stood as tall as ever, brick as heavy as a ton of elephants, set in stone for eternity. My silent gaze amongst the deserted scene seemed lonely, yet I felt like every set of eyes were on me. Watching me. Waiting for me to bounce out from behind private land.

But I didn't. For I was the one waiting.

It wasn't long before I saw them. Their brown, ruffled hair; their dark clothing and backpack; their intimate gaze searching the grounds. It was empty. Nobody stood between the wire fence and the wall, the one hundred metres or so of no man's land. They couldn't afford it. Anyone who trespassed dangerous ground was punished. I knew this no less than anybody.

So my eyes flittered between the wall and the wire fence, where he stood amidst the trees, hidden from anybody's view. But mine. Hands clammy, my heart hammered against my chest, and as it begun to increase in intensity, the more I thought he'd do it - make the run.

But ruffling in the trees caught me off guard, voices rising behind me. Do it. I had risked everything inside me to see it happen. They couldn't let me down before I'd even seen a step. But as the voices grew louder and my heart pounded harder against my chest, I was ready to run. I was ready to run and miss everything I'd lead up to.

But then it happened. As quick as a flash I saw him duck beneath the fence, darting across the land before the wall. I heard men calling, the sound of gunshots firing into the sky, but all I could do was watch intently as he strode towards his only hope. Perhaps, his lifetime dream.

My heart pounded with every footstep, my mind running with thoughts. 

You can do it.

You can do it.

Don't let them catch you.

But I couldn't risk my life any longer, although they were intent on risking theirs. So as I saw him scrambling up against the wall, grasping on for his life, I took a run for it. I disappeared amongst the trees, set on reaching home before my Mother could worry. 

And it was only later that night that I heard the final gunshot, followed by a scream.

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