Holding on for too long

Please read leaves comments please Just a quick short story not sure first on don't hate May be triggering look into the eyes of fate may your sanity be hanging in the balance the war that rages on inside leaves scars on the outside trust me I know all too well


1. What happens behind your eyes

What hides behind your eyes,

theres a story to tell, 

maybe it's dark,

sometimes I look up to the the sky,

and I scream out in anguish,

cause I live by the lies I tell,

hiding behind them,

to hide the secret pain I hide inside,

now the light try's to find the answers I hidden for too long,

now I ask what your eyes hide,

shall you ever tell,

i shall not say that is up to you,

what secrets lie behind that facade you show,

What do your eyes hide within?

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