Holding on for too long

Please read leaves comments please Just a quick short story not sure first on don't hate May be triggering look into the eyes of fate may your sanity be hanging in the balance the war that rages on inside leaves scars on the outside trust me I know all too well


2. Crimson lines/ count my scars another day

Crimson lines underline wicked words 
Written with sharp edged pens 
Skin is the paper to this sad story 
This story only ends in tragedy 

Now where pretending 
Never ending 
Until silver lines litter the canvas 
Was this the way it was meant to be 
Or is there another way

Count my scars another day 
There's a war raging on 
That must be won
My sanity is in the balance 

The mask u wear comes off

The pain and destruction shows 
Ur secrets are exposed 
Crystal clear they say 
Now dirty and blurred

Now where hiding 
Never finding

Until all hope is lost again

Was this the way it was meant to be 

Or is there another way

I guess maybe the canvas will expand

the next wicked words waiting 

to be written with sharp edged pens

underlined with crimson lines 

close your eyes 

take a breath 

and let's face the new day 

with heavy hearts 

beaten and bruised we shall stand 

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