Forever & Always

After Erin's boyfriend, Luke, left her, and the majority of her family died in a fatal car crash, you could guess she spent a lot of time moping about.

When her mum and her move to Scotland, she decides to take off the already broken mask of not-caring, and try to make friends who accept her for her.

But when a certain boy steps back into her life, Erin's world shatters all over again, and she must decide between true love, and true friendship.

But is Erin really prepared to let the glass break again?


1. Once Upon A Time // Prologue

Once upon a time ...

In the lush grass of the meadow stood a girl, holding hands with an invisible person. "How are you?" she asked the invisible boy, care for him showing clearly in her warm brown eyes. Nodding as though she had received an answer, she said, "Good. I feel fantastic, too."

The slowly setting sun cast a shadow on her, a slight chill rippling over her skin as the horizon ate the warmth away. "This is useless," she muttered to herself, slumping onto the slightly damp ground. "Who am I kidding? He's never coming back: None of them are. Not Dad, not Violet, not David, and definitely not Luke." Tears slipped down her red cheeks as she stared at the empty space where her boyfriend should have been, on their first anniversary.

Wiping away the salty water from her skin, she stood up in an attempt to look brave. "He left me, and I shouldn't just mope about here," she said in the growing darkness. "I need to move on." And so she rolled back her pointy shoulders, tucked her glossy black hair behind one ear, and left the clearing.

The invisible boy didn't follow.

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