Witness To Horror

A tale of dark history as seen by the eyes of the innocent.


1. The Beginning

Witness To Horror

A Short Story That Examines The Perspectives Of Truth


Chapter 1: The Beginning


She watched in abandoned innocence as these new creatures made their way from the mists of time. They were similar to others she had seen, and yet different. They seemed smarter, able to accomplish more. She knew these creatures were destined to be so much more than they were now, and she would enjoy watching them grow.

Her prophecy was correct for countless years. She watched the creatures learn and adapt to their surroundings. They grew in numbers, became dominant among the others, using the beasts of the earth as sources for food, clothing, fuel, and even domesticated some of them. She also began to see another trait. One that worried her.

As new generations sprang from the last, cruelty began to show. Cruelty towards the world around her, the beasts and the lands. In time, that cruelty expanded towards the others of their kind. Certain leaders began to demand their ways be the only way. They turned on one another, sometimes viciously. They began to have little regard for the sanctity of life. She watched one day as murder took place. Right before her eyes, life was taken away violently and the one that had taken it did not even care that she saw.

In time, new creatures came to her land. They dressed differently and carried a different air about them. They built structures, clearing much of the forest away. They continued to reshape the land with fields where they planted crops. She wondered why they would destroy a world where food was abundant only to replace it with more food. These new creatures puzzled her even more than the others had.

She watched as once a week, the entire group would meet in a big building that had a cross above the doors. She could hear them all speaking as one, sometimes singing as well. One of them would speak and the rest would answer. Every week the questions were the same and the answers followed suit. As perplexing as these creatures were, so far they had not shown that disregard for life that the others had.

Soon enough, she felt that might change. The new ones were shunning those that had dominated the area before now. They had learned all there was to learn from them and they even celebrated harvests with big fancy dinners. However, lately, the villagers as she heard them call themselves began to want the others gone completely. The others for their part were growing angry that the villagers took more and more of their land. As if any one creature could possibly hope to own the lands of the earth. They were a gift from nature, not a parcel to be quartered, divided and owned. Even the lowest worm knew that.

She watched as the villagers began to cut more of the forest down. They erected walls around their village, with massive doors. Some began to carry guns as they walked along the tops of the walls. The others would watch them as well, hidden in the dark parts of the forest. They made plans and plotted about the village and the people there. For months this went on and finally on one dark night, the others came.

In the silence of the dark they crept into the village, once more committing murder as they silenced the guards. When the morning sun arose, she saw the carnage that had happened. The villagers were lying in the clearing in front of their meeting place. Blood covered their bodies and the others danced with bloodied parts of the villagers tied to their belts. Inside the meeting place she could hear women screaming in terror as the men from the others took turns entering the building. In time they would exit, laughing and boasting to their comrades while others entered and the screaming began again.

For years she carried the sights and sounds of that day with her. The others had realized what they had done and left the area. The imprint of their barbarous actions remained in the bloodstained ground. They had burned the village down before they left and in the black ruins, nature mercifully tried her best to hide everything that had happened.

In time, she could no longer see the horror of that time, but on many nights she could hear the screams of the villagers when the wind carried their cries from the past across the land.

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